Golf Cart Wraps Makes Golf Carts Stand Out

by Joel Hall on February 28, 2013

Your typical community golf tournament, organized by a local nonprofit or chamber of commerce, is a frequent gathering of business and community leaders, local politicians, and philanthropists. This makes golf tournaments an ideal place to start reaching these attendees with marketing messages, in the form of sponsorship signs.

In your typical golf tournament fund raiser, there are a lot of signs throughout the course, like teardrop signs and vinyl banners. But have you considered the standout WOW! factor of a wrapped golf cart, similar to a wrapped car or truck?

Golf cart wrapBrightly wrapped golf carts can steal the show at a golf tournament. In a sea of green or white golf carts, a wrapped golf cart will grab attention like no other.

At SIGNARAMA Carmel, we like the idea of wrapped golf carts as sponsorship signs. While everyone is used to seeing the typical golf tournament signs, a wrapped golf cart for a sponsorship sign goes way beyond the typical sign and makes folks look twice, and maybe even stare longingly, at your message.

There are a wide variety of options and reasons to wrap a golf cart. Maybe a corporate team wants to sponsor their own cart, so they wrap the cart with their corporate branding. Or maybe players from the local sports team want to have a team-themed golf cart. We can even do two or three templates with a spot or two for a sponsor’s logo.

There are many different options for a golf cart wrap — it can be a decal for a logo, a bumper sticker type of decal, or even a full wrap that covers the entire cart.

There are even several options available when it comes to the material. We have vehicle wrap material that makes the wrap temporary, lasting for a day or even a couple weeks, and we have material that can make it more permanent.

The temporary golf cart wraps are usually used for a one or two-day event, while the longer term wrap material can typically last for an entire season, making it ideal for customized golf carts at a golf club. Individuals or corporations who want to customize their ride on the golf course can use a wrap as a way to give a new look to a plain white golf cart.

(We have even seen customized golf carts at retirement communities. Private owners who live in retirement communities find that wrapping their golf cart is a great way for their golf cart to look different from all the others.)

For more information on vehicle wraps, you can visit the SIGNARAMA website. You can also find the nearest SIGNARAMA store with our online store locator.

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