Guitar Wraps Let Musicians Show Their Personality

by Alan Schmoyer on April 30, 2013

Guitar wraps are changing the faces of music, or at least the instruments. Guitars are personal items to musicians. They’re an extension of the guitarist’s thoughts, playing songs inside the guitarist’s head for all to enjoy.

American Flag Guitar wrapped with a guitar wrapSince guitars are so personal and cherished by their owners, it’s not uncommon to find them decorated to reflect their owner’s personality. Some musicians choose the crude, DIY route, like Jimi Hendrix famously painting his with fingernail polish, or musicians using acrylic paints, or even a picture taped to the body of the guitar. Musicians have found unique ways of personalizing their instruments.

SIGNARAMA can now create guitar wraps of a high-definition image of the musician’s choice, the same way we use vehicle wraps on cars and trucks. This is a great way to not only personalize a guitar, but to set the guitar apart from every other one on stage. It is sure to grab attention from band members and audience members alike.

Rather than painting an image onto the guitar, SIGNARAMA’s guitar wraps use a high-quality vinyl to wrap a digital image onto the guitar. Guitar wraps can be for the entire body and neck of the guitar, or just parts of the guitar. Wrapping a decal onto the entire guitar can revive the looks of an old friend and make an aging guitar look new again.

Additionally, musicians who invest a lot of money into their beloved guitars may opt for full-coverage guitar wrap in order to protect it from being dinged during practice or a gig. Guitars take a lot of abuse not just from playing, but being placed in a car, taken in and out of a building, dropped on stage. It all can really take a toll on a guitar.

As any musician knows, good guitars do not come cheap. With SIGNARAMA’s help, musicians can use guitar wraps to protect their guitars from many years of use, and demonstrate their own sense of style in the process.

Check your local SIGNARAMA store for more information on the different kinds of wraps we can do for you.

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