Hole Sponsor Sign Ideas for Golf Tournaments

by Joel Hall on February 21, 2013

Hole sponsor signs at golf tournaments are an advertising method we’re starting to see a lot more of at SIGNARAMA. In fact, golf tournaments have become an en vogue way of advertising a product or service to prominent business executives exclusively, and bypassing their gatekeepers.

Many people who compete in nonprofit or Chamber of Commerce golf tournaments tend to be business executives, small business owners, and even local politicians. The latest trend to reach these people is to “sponsor” a single hole.

A teardrop banner like this can be used as a hole sponsor sign at a golf tournament.When a tournament organizer comes to SIGNARAMA looking for signage options for a golf tournament, we have several products to show them. These signs are usually given in exchange for sponsorship dollars, so we help the organizers find as many different sponsorship options as are available — wrapped golf carts, golf cart signs, welcome signs at the start, and hole sponsor signs and flags.

Most sponsor signs tend to be small wooden signs that are put up near the tee, although we’ve been part of tournaments that use the large nylon teardrop flags, not only placed near the tee, but even as hole flags.

The average hole sponsorship sign is a larger one with “This hole is sponsored by…” along with the sponsor’s name, logo, and possibly a phone number or other contact method.

At SIGNARAMA Carmel, we’ve created those types of signs to include a business card holder where the sponsor is now able to leave some business cards with the actual sign itself. This way, if people really want to make contact with the sponsor, they can take the business card. The sponsor can even keep track of the number of cards taken to know how much interest they had!

Another option available to sponsors is a sort of “meet and greet,” where the sponsor may station someone at the start of the hole. These types of sponsorships include a table at the hole along with some sort of a game. People can spin the wheel, play trivia, or guess the taste of a jellybean.

Other sponsors have served food, lemonade, or beer/liquor at these table set ups. For these types of events, SIGNARAMA has printed the backdrops for the tables, created the long banners that may cover the back half of the green area, printed posters, and even teardrop flags.

Regardless of what you want to do at your golf tournament, SIGNARAMA has the hole sponsor sign ideas and the ability to produce them for you. For more information on any of our sign products, like hole sponsorship banners and flags, visit our website. And to find the SIGNARAMA store and sign professional near you, be sure to use our store locator.

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