How Signarama Nashville Printed Doors on Their UV Printer

by Ben Turner on June 18, 2015

We Signarama franchisees get to play with some pretty cool stuff throughout our day, and we’ll try some new ideas that we can share with clients. We did it a few months ago when I ran a couple of our office doors through our ultraviolet flatbed printer here at Signarama Nashville.

River and desert office door 1 - openDoors, for the most part, come in pretty standard options. Most doors are the standard contractor grade: flat and either painted white or unfinished. Some are stained, some have raised panels, but the majority are just the flat slabs. We have those doors in our office, which we thought would make for a nice printing surface.

We thought this would be a great way to turn boring, standard doors into works of art. Imagine a gorgeous photo of your favorite vacation spot at the end of a hallway, or even an iconic doorway from history on your office. These printed doors become a destination in themselves, an art piece — more than just a functional passageway.

Printing on doors is not new. We’ve heard about it from other Signarama franchisees, and even know a couple who did it themselves. But we hadn’t tried it ourselves.

Since we have a flatbed UV printer at Signarama Nashville — many of our franchisees have one — we decided to test it out on our doors. It printed directly onto the flat door surface, and was surprisingly easy.

Printing river and desert office door 2Basically, as long as a substrate is flat, we can print an image onto it. This is why we can print 4 foot by 8 foot plywood signs. We have to make sure the door or substrate is aligned correctly, but the printer has different guides and rulers to make that easy. You can print to white doors for a much brighter image, or use unfinished doors for a more muted look.

Once we found a stock image we were able to use, we downloaded it, prepped the door (removed the hinges and doorknob), and placed the door directly onto the bed. The head moves, rather than the door, so we can be sure the image will print without any misfeeds or smudges.

Afterward, we printed a different design onto a different door, and now we have two examples of what a Signarama store can do with your door or large substrate.

We especially like this printing option for large outdoor signs, because the UV ink also helps the sign resist fading and weathering from the sun and elements.

If you’d like more information about printing large substrates, like doors, please visit the Signarama website. You can also find Signarama Nashville — or the Signarama store nearest you — with our online store locator.

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