Idea for Canvas Prints: Turn Photos Into Paintings

by Alicia Peregory on November 20, 2014

Canvas prints, when used as art, can be more than just family photos or landscapes. You can turn those photos into paintings with different apps or websites, and turn those into canvas prints that look like actual paintings. This lets you turn some of the beautiful photos you’ve taken over the years into real works of art.

Brushstroke is an iPhone app you can use to convert your mobile photos into different styles of paintings (you can even sign your work!), or you can try Waterlogue, another iPhone app, to turn your photos into watercolor. is a website that hosts a number of different filters and algorithms that will, with some work and tweaking on your part, convert photos to any style of paintings or other photos. (You can achieve the same effect if you ask a Photoshop expert very nicely. And pay them.)

Art Canvas PrintsOf course, your mobile photos may not be big enough to make very large canvas prints, such as an 18″ x 24″. Talk to a Signarama graphics specialist to ask what size photos you’ll need. We’re able to print final images with a resolution as low as 100 dpi, but the photo needs to be at the final size for that to work. If you take a 3″ x 4″ photo at 100 dpi, you won’t be able to expand it to an 18″ x 24″ print size. You’ll only be able to make canvas prints of a 3″ x 4″ photo.

This is where having a good camera and a steady hand (or a photographer friend) comes in handy. You can take larger photos, edit the original on, send the edited images to your Signarama store, and have them make the canvas prints for you. Then just take the finished prints to an art supply store or frame store, and they can stretch and frame the canvas for you.

For more information on canvas prints, please visit the Signarama website. You can also use our online store locator to find a Signarma near you.

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