Inflatable Signs: Marketing Genius or Gimmick? 

by Signarama on October 11, 2017

Inflatable Signs: Marketing Genius or Gimmick?

We’ve all seen the giant gorillas and inflatable letters outside businesses advertising specials over a holiday weekend, but do those signs really work?

Simply put, yes! Inflatable signs are definitely a genius move for your company’s marketing.


Why You May Want to Consider Inflatable Signs

Inflatable signs are a memorable advertising technique that easily attract the attention of everyone passing by. And since over 75% of consumers report visiting a new business due to its signage alone, it is clear that attractive signage can be memorable and powerful. If inflatable signs have not been in your business’s repertoire just yet, consider the fact that businesses have reported that changing their signage strategies has increased sales by about 10%.

Custom ad inflatables are a unique, cost effective way to add memorable advertising to your store, car dealership, gym, or other business. These signs are available in a wide variety of figures, shapes, and colors that can be completely customized to accommodate your business needs or holiday promotions. Let your creativity run wild! The whole idea is to help your business stand out from the crowd.

Inflatables are conveniently powered with an electric motor that connects through regular 110v wall plugs. They are held in place with rope and weights filled with sand or water, depending on the size and location requirements. If your vision is for signs that float above the business site, inflatables can be filled with helium just like balloons. Our inflatables are built for indoor and outdoor use and can be used all year long, on the weekends, or just for a special promotion during a long weekend or leading up to a special holiday sale.

Whatever your needs may be, Signarama can work closely with you to create and implement your inflatable signs to build awareness and attract attention to your business. We can help you to create custom designs, or to select from among popular styles to rent. We will also advise you about the necessary permitting for these signs that your particular community may require so that installing the sign goes off without a hitch.

Talk to a local expert at Signarama today to start selecting or designing your business’s newest catchy advertising inflatable, and get your community buzzing about your business. To see some of our products and options, visit our website today.

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