Is Bigger Better with an In Store Sign?

by Joel Hall on June 13, 2013

Creating the perfect in store sign is our speciality at SIGNARAMA Carmel. We’ve done several in store signs over the years, but one particular sign really stands out – it is both big and impressive, making just the impact it needed.

We created a backdrop for a counter area for a store that was rather bland and boring. The owner wanted to improve the look and make the store more inviting to customers. His plan was to install a custom wallpaper type of product instead of a typical in store sign.

He wanted to create a large, long image behind his receptionist counter to really grab passers-by and draw them into the store. The wall was a statement wall — it was eight feet tall and 30 feet long — so we had plenty of space to work with to create a unique, custom in store sign. We consulted with the customer on the images he wanted on the wall, and then SIGNARAMA Carmel specialists went to work creating the perfect, custom in store sign. The sign was printed as custom-made wallpaper, and installed on the wall.

in store signsThe customer loved it! It changed the entire look and feel of the store to something exciting. Customers were happier while they were shopping, too. The owner simply could not get over how much of a difference his new in store sign made to the entire look of the reception and retail areas. The design of the in store sign itself was not even all that revolutionary; it was a mashup of his different products displayed in an artistic manner. But, it was the presentation and use as an in store sign that made all the difference.

The in store sign was made with an adhesive backed material that can be printed in-store at SIGNARAMA Carmel. With this kind of adhesive, you don’t even need to get it wet – you just stick it directly to the wall and it practically hangs itself, minus the squeegee and the separate glue.

As far as removal goes, this type of adhesive is very easy to take down, also. These custom in store sign wallpaper jobs simply peel off the wall with very little work – leaving the paint intact. This feature makes it easy to switch out in store signage to announce specials or highlight rotating stock.

Want to learn more about unique, custom in store signs for your store? Visit your loccal SIGNARAMA store to get insight into the new printing processes and materials that are available to help you make just the impression you desire.

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