Keep This in Mind When Designing Car Magnets

by Casey Valiant on July 10, 2012

Car magnets are a great temporary vehicle signage solution, compared to the total coverage and permanence of vehicle wraps. In fact, it’s their temporary nature that gives them some unique features when you’re designing your car magnet.

First, simplify your message. Magnets are inherently temporary. You may only use them a few hours a day, or just use them for a few days. Plus, they’re not as big as the total vehicle wrap. That means fewer impressions as you drive around. So your message needs to be as simple as possible. Put a logo, your business name, and maybe a phone number or easy-to-remember website. You don’t have room for taglines, features and benefits, services, or anything like that.SIGNARAMA Car Magnets

There are three standard sizes, but plenty of custom sizes. The sizes we make the most are 12″ x 12″, 12″ x 18″, and 18″ x 24″. You can make a magnet as big as the material comes in, but we don’t recommend going bigger than 18″ x 24″. That’s big enough to put on the door of a large truck, SUV, or pickup. When it comes to car magnets, we’ve found that’s an adequate size. If you need bigger, we recommend something more permanent, like vehicle lettering or a wrap.

Choose any color, but consider the vehicle color. While you can get literally any color you want, you need to be conscious of the vehicle your sign is going to be put on. For example, a blue sign will all but disappear on a blue vehicle. So we always recommend a 1/2″ white border around the sign to offset the sign from the vehicle color. We rarely do a full bleed, full color graphic. We can do it, but since we don’t know where or how the magnet will end up, we usually recommend the border.

Remember, these ARE temporary. The nice thing about car magnets is that they’re temporary. A vehicle graphic can last three to five years, so if you ever need to not have a graphic, you’re stuck with it. But a vehicle magnet makes sense for certain applications, like delivery drivers, contractors, or only promoting a special event for a short time.


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