LED and Digital Signage is on the Rise: Jumpstart Your Year Ahead of the Game

by Alicia Peregory on January 25, 2016

Only a few decades ago, LED and digital signage appeared on the signage scene, and while everyone ooh-ed and ahh-ed, and said, “This is the future of signage,” digital signage pretty much stayed in the future, as the technology and equipment required an investment only super high-end budgets could justify.

After all, electric signage had the territory covered, didn’t it? Since 1881 when the first illuminated sign gas-lit P.T. Barnum’s Museum, gas lighting, then incandescent and neon lighting have been used to advertise just about every kind of business, venue and coming attraction.

But over the past few years, with the significant drop in LCD and plasma display prices, LED and digital signage are emerging as the most practical and versatile ways to advertise and build brand awareness. Leading sign specialists, such as Signarama suggest getting ahead of the LED sign game in this new year. LED digital signage is gaining popularity for several reasons, including:


Although the initial cost of a digital sign will cost your business more than a print ad will, you’ll save money on printing costs in the end. As green awareness sprouts new initiatives, saving paper, saves trees. Programmable LED and digital signage helps in reducing paper and ink cartridge recycling as well.

  • Retail stores can update their prices digitally and feature time-sensitive specials, without the time and expense of paper, ink and labor.
  • Hotels can generate ad revenue from local restaurants, bars, retail stores and other area attractions with digital advertising.


As more and more consumers rely on their Smartphones or other mobile media for information and entertainment, the ability to connect to the Internet and to upload multi-media files makes LED digital signs a versatile, timely way to draw consumers’ attention. Because LED signs can be programmed to follow a TV show format, consumers easily engage with the content at a more conscious level than with printed media and static illuminated signage.

  • Airports, train stations, hotels and shopping malls comprise a short list of businesses that offer entertainment intertwined with advertising to consumers who are often waiting for flights or airport shuttles or who are just taking a break from shopping.
  • Dental and medical offices can engage patients in awareness and preventative practice videos, featuring fitness ideas and good home dental care. 

    Electronic Message Center 4 LED Digital Signage

Content Control

At the click of a button you can update your brand messaging, announce a sale, feature new and trending products, update news feeds, upload videos, movie clips and other dynamic content that consumers are accustomed to accessing on their mobile devices.

  • Home improvement and arts and crafts stores benefit from the ability to upload how-to videos and DIY YouTube project tutorials.
  • For online business conferences, webinars, podcasts and other dynamic multi-media, content can be seamlessly uploaded to add depth to presentations.
  • Restaurants can rotate their menus throughout the day, alternating between breakfast, lunch, dinner and specials.


Your digital signage can be updated remotely, saving time and labor on installations and reducing maintenance required on printed media or static electric signs. LED displays eliminate the expense and time required to post multiple advertisements in one location.

  • In addition to the big screens in sports arenas, event promoters can take advantage of strategically placed LED digital displays on concourses to advertise upcoming games and tournaments, as well as to remind guests of the venue’s rules and regulations. Live-streaming at sporting events keeps sports fans abreast of the action at all times.
  • Music venues can capitalize on the ability to advertise upcoming concerts, upload excerpts from past shows, plus advertise local restaurants and hotels.

Showcases and influences purchasing

Today, most people buy products and services in stores. Videos, news feeds, fashion show clips or tradeshows events that showcase your brand or services help influence consumers towards purchasing your brand.

  • In the retail environment or a tradeshow exhibition space, lifestyle scenario videos, testimonials and news clips showing people enjoying and appreciating your brand’s products or services help promote your company.
  • Artists, contractors, architects and other large project oriented businesses can take advantage of LED digital portfolios to showcase their work. With hi-resolution images and crisp colors, LED screens produce visual effects that are impossible to attain in a print or static electric light format.


When wall space is limited and your brand needs more space than your business has allotted in the budget or space is otherwise limited, LED digital signs can solve a variety of spatial issues. With rotating ads in the form of slideshows, videos or movie clips, you can advertise as many products as you like in one place at one time.

  • Restaurants can display images of specialties, offer cocktail specials, advertise new entrée items, feature customer testimonials and promote special events with an LED sign that would otherwise require considerable time, paper, ink and money to produce and distribute to tables.

Get ahead of the sign game this year. LED and digital signage represents a major trend in digital signage today. Affordable LCD digital signs save time, labor, and best of all, money. Programmable, dynamic content allows your company to easily update information, include multi-media formats and access the Internet as well. Contact Signarama to start your new year right, with LED digital signage.


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