by Maggie Harlow on September 19, 2017

The light box (or cabinet sign) is one of the most basic and flexible sign displays made.
It can take many forms, can offer huge visibility, and remains one of the core “go to”products for businesses of all kinds.  Understanding the options can help you both keep an eye on price but give you creative freedom.

The most basic cabinet is rectangular, made of extruded aluminum for the edges and translucent acrylic or polycarbonate for the faces.  (Be sure you understand the differences in acrylic vs. polycarbonate before you make your final decision on budget and needs.)

The key things to know about a basic light box or cabinet sign:

  • Faces are changeable. Ideal for landlords who want a sign that different tenants can adapt
  • Truly oversize light cabinets can use flexible fabric for a face, rather than rigid materials.
  • Lighting is typically fluorescent bulbs, but new LED (light emitting diodes) are being used to save on energy and last longer
  • Faces can be lettered with vinyl or painted to be totally translucent, or provide some opacity which can create high contrast and enhance visibility.
  • They can be mounted on poles (double sided), hung from top or side (double sided) or mount flat directly to a wall (single sided)
  • The look can be enhanced with neon tubing along edge or background panel to add interest when wall mounted.

A more creative, custom type of cabinet can be “shaped cabinet” or “cloud sign”.
This means the shape of the box is not a rectangle, but is custom shaped to meet the client need. This is much more expensive, but can give the right brand the perfect enhancement!

Lastly, a cabinet sign can incorporate an EMC (Electronic Message Center) which can vault it into a completely new realm of marketing messaging and powerful visibility.

Talk with your sign company about options and budgets to help you determine what sign cabinet makes the most sense for you!

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