Magical See-Through Graphics: Using Perforated Vinyl on Car Windows

by Maggie Harlow on September 19, 2017

Perforated vinyl has been a staple of the vehicle graphics world for more than 10 years, but we still see delight and surprise on our customers’ faces when we demonstrate it.

Here’s a quick primer on how perforated graphics can be used to share your message     (or create privacy) for your vehicle.

Perforated vinyl is just that – perforated with small holes all over the surface.  These holes take what was opaque vinyl, and create a screen from it.  When applied to glass, the viewer on the inside can see out, but the viewer on the outside only see the vinyl surface, not even noticing all the tiny holes.

For vehicle graphics, we often print on perforated graphics and wrap rear windows on sides or back of a van, car or truck.

The image can be printed so it moves across the body of the vehicle and then also across the glass, making the image appear to be seamless.

For those seeking privacy, wanting to block a view into the back of a truck or van, perforated vinyl works beautifully.  The only time a viewer can see it is at night, but only if the interior lights are ON inside the vehicle.

For those seeking light or heat reduction, it always works wonderfully.  These can keep your interior cool like a tint, but give you the added bonus of graphic messaging.

Sounds ideal, right?  Well, for most, yes, but there are some things to keep in mind:

  • If you don’t have the graphic laminated prior to install, water will gather in the small perforated holes and obscure the view from the window entirely. Also, check with your business insurance specialist about possible interference of insurance coverage if the windows are covered in any way.
  • Wipers don’t work at all, or not nearly as well, with rear windows covered in perforated vinyl. Talk to your graphics provider about the issue prior to placing your order. If you are looking at vehicle graphics, be sure to include perforated vinyl in your conversation with your provider and installer!

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