Making In Store Signs With Images on Custom-Made Wallpaper

by Casey Valiant on June 18, 2013

Clients who want in store signs made from custom made wallpaper typically have a certain image in mind. It is important, however, to ensure that the images are high resolution, so that the pictures come out clear.

While the standard for printing is typically 300 dpi (dots per inch), that resolution means almost nothing to SIGNARAMA specialists. For best results, our specialists calculate the image quality needed for in store signs using the finished dimensions of the sign and estimated viewing distance. These two factors will help SIGNARAMA specialists guide you in creating the best custom made wallpaper display for your business.

Wall wrap in a showroom. Scene is of a city skyline reflected on a river.Some in store signs are placed behind a counter or display that keeps customers at a distance – this means the images will never be seen up close. For these in store signs, viewing distance takes priority and super-fine details take a back seat. The resolution on the images for these types of in store signs does not have to be high for the sign to be effective.

In other applications, a higher dpi is needed to up the image quality and allow your company’s branding image to pop off the in store signs. Many of our clients are capable of shooting their own photos to create in store signs, but it is best to invest in a high megapixel camera if you plan on rotating your displays often. Other clients opt to hire a professional photographer who can create images suitable for large-format printing.

Some professional photographers specialize in store signs and display photography. They will have the necessary equipment — the best cameras, lenses, filters, lighting — and knowledge to create exactly the kind of images you need. Lighting and composition can make or break the images used in your in store signs. A professional photographer knows the rules and can provide you with quality images that can be used across a variety of branding initiatives.

Let SIGNARAMA help you create the best in store signs for your company. Custom made wallpaper is a great trend for retail stores, and the professionals at your local SIGNARAMA have the tools and expertise needed to provide you with the best quality in store signs.

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