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by Mary Mills on May 30, 2013

Using monument signs for business parks and large buildings is an eye-catching way to identify your business, as well as make it easier for drivers and passers-by to find. Whether it’s in front of a business complex, a large office building, or even a church or school, a monument sign gives your building the gravitas and stability of a serious endeavor.

Imagine for a moment that your business is inside a large office complex (or your business is the large office complex). How seriously will people take you if your only signs for business are a couple of yard signs, or a post and panel sign?

Monument SignsYard signs and post and panel signs are great signs. In fact, SIGNARAMA makes a lot of them. But, they have to be used in the right setting.  For a large, glass-sided multi-story office building a sign that makes an impact is needed.

Similarly, 12 foot monument signs for business look out of place in front of a small commercial building in a quiet neighborhood. All are worthy businesses, and all are attractive signs, but each business has an image that can only be presented with certain signage.

Monument signs for business can be created to portray a variety of looks. SIGNARAMA sign specialists can work with a stone mason to design the right sign with the best materials to match your business’s surroundings, or we can create a sign, frame, and base out of lightweight materials that are easy to maintain, and will last for years.

Monument signs for business can come in a wide range of colors, textures, and architectural features. We can give your sign a more rustic look by using field stones for a base and a wood timber background. Or we can create a more traditional look with a brick base, adding Greek columns for support, and a Greek Revival peak on the frame.

SIGNARAMA stores can also create expanded polystyrene foam core signs, which use a lightweight foam core that has been covered with a hard surface coat for extreme durability. They can be made with a wide range of finish colors, textures and sizes. SIGNARAMA sign design specialists are only limited by your imagination – and local building codes.

For more information on SIGNARAMA’s signs for business, you can visit our website.  Our online store locator will help you find a sign design specialist near you.  Give your business the credibility it deserves with beautiful signs for business.


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