Point of Sale or POS Displays: Do POS Signs & Displays Generate a Sales Lift?

by Signarama on August 1, 2017

Point of Sale or POS Displays: Do POS Signs & Displays Generate a Sales Lift?

As businesses begin to plan for the 2017 holiday season, it is important to understand the impact POS signs and displays can have on consumers’ purchasing behavior. While digital and online signs are commonplace today, studies have shown that POS displays can be an invaluable tool for increasing sales when used effectively. Here, Signarama breaks down the impact of POS displays on sales, the types of POS displays that generate the best results, and how placement plays a role in influencing sales.

Impact of POS displays on sales
Research has shown that physical signage, including window displays and in-store signs, have a huge impact on consumers’ purchasing.

And because they are more likely to purchase an item when at a store, or point of sale, than at any other time or place, POS displays are best at influencing their purchasing decisions. According to Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI) studies, POS signs and displays increased store sales an average of 9.2% at convenience stores. Additionally, 40% of shoppers remember having seen advertising in the store and in-store advertising was present for 37.8% of products purchased.

Undoubtedly, POS signage is a powerful tool for any retail business to use to increase their bottom line.

What types of POS displays generate the best results?

When planning what types of POS signage to implement in your overall advertising plan, remember that consumers are visual. They want to be able to see a product, its benefits, and possible deals easily as they navigate through your store. Signage that is easy to read, and to see, works best. Bright colors and bold wording can draw attention, while an illuminated sign located near the product can also be an eye-catcher. Displays should also be logically placed in the most visible entrance and exit areas of your store.

There are a variety of types of signage to choose from that can meet these requirements and some will work better than others depending on your store’s industry and layout. Window clings can grab the attention of a passersby before they even enter your store, while floor signs, hanging displays, or menu boards can be used inside to guide consumers to various products and sales. Of course, custom signage is also an option if your store needs something beyond these traditional methods.

How placement plays a role in influencing sales

Studies show that most consumers agree that POS displays provide helpful information and catch their attention.  For POS to be effective, POS placement is critical to influencing buyers’ opinions at the precise time they are in the buying mode. Although elements like color, contrast, and brand recognition are noticed by consumers, eye tracking data shows that the most influential aspect of in-store signage is size. Meaning, for POS signage, bigger is better!

Additionally, this signage should be placed at eye level. According to the same data, marketing placed above or below the normal line of sight is unlikely to be noticed by consumers who are on a mission and have focused attention. Displaying advertisements and signs at eye level gives them the greatest opportunity to be noticed.

Overall, it is important for all business owners to remember that, even in our increasingly digital world, POS signage has a notable influence on in-store sales and can be an extremely cost-effective way to increase your store’s revenue. To see what kinds of signs and displays Signarama has to offer, visit our website or locate the store closest to you today.

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