Printing and Wrapping a Guitar Pickguard

by Casey Valiant on April 4, 2013

Some cool things we can wrap at SIGNARAMA, in addition to cars and trucks, are guitars and drums. While we haven’t done any guitars here at SIGNARAMA Evansville, we have done a few guitar pickguards for musicians in the area.

A guitar pickguard is typically made from plastic or other laminated materials and are placed under the strings to protect the guitar’s finish from being scratched by a guitar pick.

Bass guitar with plaid pickguard and body guitar wrapIn addition to being useful, a guitar pickguard can also be decorative. Most pickguards tend to be pieces of plastic, cut to match the lines and feel of the guitar. On electric guitars, they’re usually white. However, musicians may decide to they want to make the pickguard match their own look or style, so they’ll have a certain image or photo placed over the guitar pickguard in order to personalize their instruments and uniquely identify their own guitars. (Note the plaid pickguard on the plaid bass guitar.)

We were recently able to help a local musician do just that. We received a request from a customer to wrap a digital image of actual lightning onto a guitar pickguard. It was an unusual request, a challenge for the SIGNARAMA Evansville team, but we were able to pull off the request without a hitch, much to the delight of our customer.

It may sound difficult, but it’s something we can actually do fairly easily. All we did was print a decal on our special vehicle wrap material, and then cover that with a clear, high impact laminate to protect the graphic. We carefully removed the guitar pickguard from the body, applied the graphic, cut around it, and then hand cut around the pickguard so the laminate was a perfect fit. Then we reapplied the pickguard to the guitar, and voila!

The musician had a personalized guitar without doing anything to the overall color and finish of the guitar. We have other SIGNARAMA stores that have done entire guitars and drum heads (Alan Schmoyer of SIGNARAMA McKinney, Texas did the bass guitar in the photo). With our UV printing materials and graphics, we can print just about anything you need (we’d even be up for wrapping a piano if anyone ever asks).

For more information on wrapping a guitar pickguard and other wraps, visit our website. And to find the local SIGNARAMA store near you, you can use our online store locator.

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