Proper Care of Your Banner Flag

by Betty Evans on July 2, 2013

You can use a banner flag to promote your business, especially if you’re a frequent participant of trade shows or outdoor events. If you can hoist it high enough, your banner flag will be a welcome reminder to event goers of how they can find you.

And while your banner flag will suffer from regular wear and tear, which will eventually render it unusable, you can get the most out of it by protecting it and caring for it when it’s not in use. Taking care of your banner flag can ensure it has a long and healthy life.

Fabric BannersOne of the best tips we give our SIGNARAMA Columbia clients is to purchase the best banner flag you can afford. You could save a few bucks by going with a flag of lesser quality, but it will come back to bite you in a few years when your cheap flag has faded and thinned, and you need to get it replaced.

The biggest cause of color fading on a flag is constant exposure to UV rays from the sun. So, if you decide to keep your banner flag on display constantly, you need to be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight as much as possible. This means keeping it out of the elements and away from windows that receive a lot of sunlight. If you’re going to leave it outside, see if it can hang under a north facing awning.

If you can’t, then at least talk to your local SIGNARAMA professional about which material is going to last the longest and look the best.

Also, when you are finished using your flag at trade shows and other events, put it back inside its carrying bag when it’s finished. Don’t just wad it up or fold it and put it in a cardboard box. This will help to keep it free from spills, stains, rips, and tears. Storing your flag in its carrying case will also help keep the colors from fading, because it will be stored safely away from the sun.

If your banner flag gets wet during the trade show or event, you should let it dry completely before storing it away in the carrying case. Flags that are put away wet, run the risk of becoming a breeding ground for mold and mildew. This is true for vinyl banners as well, but anyone who has gone camping and put a nylon tent away wet can tell you what happens when you pull it back out again — the seams have dissolved, and the tent falls apart.

If you need to clean your banner flag, the best bet is just to use a dry, clean paper towel and some cold water. No detergent, no soap.

For more information on using a banner flag to promote your business, be sure to visit the SIGNARAMA website. You can also use our online store finder to find the SIGNARAMA store nearest you.

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