Pros and Cons of Sidewalk Signs

by Megan Yu on April 7, 2015

A sidewalk sign is an excellent way for businesses with a storefront and foot traffic to draw attention to certain products, upcoming events, and daily specials. Sidewalk signs have been around for quite some time and have evolved to include a variety of different options available to business owners.

Many different kinds of companies employ sidewalk signs to announce specials, discounts, events, products, and specials: salons and barber shops, restaurants, ice cream parlors, gas stations, shoe repair, banks, and gyms to name a few.

Chalkboard Sidewalk SignHowever, before purchasing sidewalk signs for your business, it’s important to determine whether or not it’s the best way to promote your particular business. Additionally, you need to research local ordinances to make sure the area where your business is located allows for sidewalk signs — some ordinances prohibit such sidewalk obstructions.

The city, the township, or even the property owner may prohibit displaying signs outside of a shop, so it is important to clear all channels before proceeding.

Wind can also ben an issue. However our signs come equipped with flexible wind management components, so the sign remains vertical when the weather’s just not cooperating.

Sidewalk signs are extremely versatile. Depending on what kind of sign you choose, you may be able to change your message whenever the mood strikes. Chalkboard signs or dry erase signs allow for multiple changes that anyone can make. If weather is a concern, we can even create a sidewalk sign with a plexiglass front and back and a dry erase/chalkboard insert. This way, your message is protected but can still be changed whenever you want.

Plus, colorful artwork on a sidewalk sign is extremely eye catching. Whether it is a unique drawing, your logo, or photos of your products, passers-by get a close up view of the sign, which can draw them into the store.

For more information on sidewalk signs, please visit the Signarama website. You can also use our online store locator to find the Signarama nearest you.

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