Recycling and Reusing Outdoor Banners

by Patti Westfall on April 5, 2012

Vinyl used to be the only game in town, but these days, there are plenty of alternatives to single-use vinyl banners, including reusable banners and even recyclable banners. We use a lot of these kinds of banners in our store, and are excited to offer these choices to our customers. We take the environment pretty seriously here in Fort Collins, so our customers are always looking for the latest and greatest environmental alternatives.

Reusable Banners

There are plenty of instances where you might not always need brand-new signage, like a festival or event that runs every year. And if you know you’re in one of those situations and would like to reuse your banners, you can plan ahead to increase their life expectancy.

For example, if you host an annual event where the activities and themes stay the same but the dates and times change, you can group all the time-sensitive information together and create a sticker that goes right over the old information. Voilà! You’ve got a perfectly lovely, good-as-new sign for years to come!

Opting to create reusable banners not only helps the environment by delaying the disposal process by a few years, but it also helps you save money. (It’s both eco-friendly and wallet-friendly!)

Reusable doesn’t just mean one customer is using the same banner or frame over and over again; we’ve seen real estate agents returning used aluminum sign frames and companies bringing back their gently used trade show banner stands. You know what they say, “One man’s trash…”

Recyclable Signage

Advances in materials manufacturing have brought recyclable banners a long way — just like many recyclable and recycled products in the mainstream have gradually become more and more palatable to user’s tastes. Recyclable banner material has a beautiful finish — it has a woven texture that’s very distinct and easy to recognize, but also still allows for the excellent print quality customers demand. It’s green and it’s gorgeous.

Many customers like to show off their commitment to the environment when they use recyclable banners. To help them display this, we can print a small insignia or message on the front of our recyclable banners to tell everyone that it’s made from a biodegradable or recyclable material.

Many organizations are now putting on “ zero-waste” events, and these recyclable banners can be a highly visible factor in moving toward zero waste. Since we, and many other SIGNARAMA locations, offer in-house recycling, it’s easy to bring all the recyclable banners and signs back to us for the recycling process.

No matter what you do — whether you’re going zero-waste or simply trying to cut down on your environmental impact — every step you take counts. Let us help you start moving in the right direction!

Patti Westfall, along with her husband Wes, owns the SIGNARAMA Fort Collins store in beautiful Northern Colorado. She is a SIGNARAMA Mentor and small business advocate in her hometown. She is also a sustainable business advocate, and is one of SIGNARAMA’s experts on eco-friendly sign practices, including recyclable and reusable banners. You can reach her on Twitter at @SignaramaFC.

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Patti Westfall is the co-owner of SIGNARAMA Fort Collins in Fort Collins, CO. She and her husband Wes Westfall have owned SIGNARAMA for 15 years, providing marketing solutions to Fort Collins and Northern Colorado businesses through high quality signs and graphics. You can find her on Twitter at @SignaramaFC.

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