Refresh Lighted POS sign with LEDs for New Life

by Patti Westfall on January 21, 2014

For a lighted POS sign (point of sale), nothing could beat a bright light box or neon sign back in the day. Neon and light boxes were a great way to grab people’s attention. The lights were bright in the nighttime sky, but eventually the use of them was so common they were not special anymore.

Then they were surpassed by LEDs, which last longer, burn brighter, and use less energy. And they cost less too.

LEDs — light emitting diodes — have become the preferred way to light up a POS sign and draw customers in like moths to the proverbial flame. As a result, Signarama has been asked by companies all over the world to retrofit light boxes and replace neon signs with LEDs.

Why have industry pros moved to LEDs and away from light boxes and neon signs?

Because LEDs last longer, and the service costs of fixing an LED-lit POS sign is more cost effective than fixing an older light box or neon sign. How many times have you seen a neon sign, where one bar of neon is out and the sign makes no sense or worse, it says a completely different word or phrase? In some cases, fixing the broken tube can be almost as much as a new LED POS sign.

Page Middle School LED Sign, Troy MichiganBack in 70s and 80s, a neon sign could last perhaps 10 years. Now, neon signs may only last three to four years as their quality has decreased. Finding someone to repair neon is harder in recent years, as well. Bending neon has also become a dying art as more professionals are getting out of the neon business. That means replacing neon will only get more expensive and have less quality.

Also, a neon sign or lighted box uses more power than an LED-lit POS sign, which means you’ll save on energy costs over the long run. And an LED POS sign costs as much as 50% less to produce, which means you’ll save over neon again.

You can find more information on a lighted POS sign for your business at the Signarama website. You can also talk to the staff at the Signarama store near you.

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