Selecting Your Next Trade Show Display

by Casey Valiant on June 4, 2015

You’re thinking about a new trade show display for the upcoming trade show season, but you’re not sure exactly what you need. Should you be budget conscious and get the least expensive display you can find, or should you break the bank and get as many bells and whistles as possible?

It all depends on what your final needs are, and what you’ll use the most. Here’s how you can select your next trade show display for your upcoming trade show season.

1. Look At Your Most-Needed Size

Trade show displayYou may only need a tabletop trade show display five times a year, and a pop-up display three times a year. Your first thought might be to get the tabletop display, but the full-size display is your better bet, since you could actually make it work during the tabletop events.

2. Rent or Buy?

How often do you need to use your trade show display? If you only go to one or two shows per year, look at rental costs, rather than buying a display. Don’t rent from the trade show contractor though — that costs almost as much as buying a display. Find a local trade show display dealer. They’ll even be able to help you with setup if you need it.

3. How Far Away Are Most of Your Shows?

Do you drive or fly to most of your shows? With a pop-up display, you’ll need two cases (which can be converted to a table, so storage isn’t an issue), but you have to deal with two very large cases, which can add up to some stiff airline or shipping costs. (This makes another argument for renting!) On the other hand, if you drive, you may be able to fit them into your vehicle. Look at your shipping abilities and plan accordingly.

4. Do You Need a Standard Size or Modular Display?

While most trade show booths are 10 feet by 10 feet, you may be one of those rarer few that needs 10 x 20, or you have one major show per year where you need a 10 x 20. While 10 x 20 displays are rare, you can get two 10 x 10 displays and easily convert them to a 10×20 inline backdrop. Still, if you regularly have larger booth sizes, you may need a special modular trade show display, or even a custom built one. When that happens, you’ll want to talk to a trade show specialist.

For more information on your next trade show display and the accompanying graphics and signage, please visit the Signarama website. You can also ask questions of your local Signarama professional. Just find them with our online store locator.

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