Should I Reface My Business Sign, or Completely Replace It?

by Aaron Friedman on January 31, 2013

For businesses that have been around for many years, eventually the question about new business signs comes up. Updating your business signs can be a great way to let potential and current customers know that your business is still open and thriving.

It comes down to whether you would like to change your old sign for a completely new look and style, or simply want to reface the old one.

If you were to simply reface the old sign by, for example, putting a printed vinyl sign over the old one, it will cost a lot less than a new one, but the old defects won’t go away. Any wear and damage on the frame will show up, and any defects in the sign — chips in the paint, cracks or crumbling — will eventually transfer through the printed vinyl. But, as we said, costs are sometimes an issue, and this is a good temporary measure you can use until you can fully replace it.

SIGNARAMA Santa Rosa's sign redesign for Pete's AutomotiveHowever, it can still be quite cost effective to replace the face of the old sign with a new sign face that fits in the old space on the old frame. In fact, if permits are a hassle, this could be a good alternative to a brand new sign — since the frame is in place, some of the permit issues may not even be a problem.

But if the core of the sign is crumbling and the frame is not structurally sound, then it’s necessary to go ahead and replace the entire sign. Over time, the old business sign will continue to dissolve and disintegrate, taking the new vinyl face with it. But the new sign can be nearly any style you want. If you’ve had an old plywood core with cut vinyl covering, maybe you can replace it with an aluminum core and reflective vinyl, or even a light box or channel letters.

For some business owners, they even look at buying a new business sign as the chance to refresh their company look and come up with a new logo and branding. In this case, your SIGNARAMA store may be able to help you, at least by connecting you with a graphic designer who specializes in corporate branding.

For more information on our business sign products, you can visit our website. You can also find the SIGNARAMA store nearest you with our store locator. Or you can just visit us in our SIGNARAMA Santa Rosa store.

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