Should Your Banner Stand Be On Display or Stored Away?

by Betty Evans on July 9, 2013

People who purchase a banner stand to promote their business often wonder whether it’s smarter to keep it on display all the time, or store it away so it looks nice for the next time they need it. After all, you invested the time and effort, and spent the money, so why would you put it away so no one else can see it? By storing your banner stand for long periods of time, you’re defeating its original purpose.

Custom banner stands from University of Southern IndianaHere at SIGNARAMA Columbia (Maryland), we keep our banner stand on constant display in our lobby. By keeping the banner stand active and up, it’s a great way to continually promote our business. Plus anyone who wants one can get an idea of how it’s going to look when it’s finished.

Customers who see the banner stand on display in the store will sometimes talk about it, which may spark an even larger purchase or an inquiry about an add-on product. You can get the same results by featuring a popular secondary item or upgrade to your existing product line. It encourages a dialogue and gets people to talk about what’s on there.

We even encourage people who work in an office environment to keep the banner stand on display, if they have room for it. Continually displaying a banner with your logo and information is a branding opportunity, but it’s a stylish way to do it. It’s ultimately about repeated exposure to your marketing messages — repeat them often enough, and the customer will remember you long after visiting your office.

Finally, most importantly, keeping your banner stand on display will reduce its wear and tear. You’ll actually get more life out of it by leaving it out and on display. We’ve had ours for a number of years, and we have yet to see any color fading on the banner itself. It’s still as bright and vivid as the day we made it.

For more information on getting your own banner stand, please visit the Signs section of our website. You can also find our store or the SIGNARAMA store nearest you by using our online store locator.

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Betty Evans is the owner of SIGNARAMA Columbia, Maryland, with her husband, William. They have owned their SIGNARAMA store, serving the Baltimore area, since 1996. Betty is also very involved in her community, and is an avid golfer. She has also received several awards from SIGNARAMA, including Team Player of the Year, Ambassador Award, Customer Service Award, and is a SIGNARAMA mentor.

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