Sign Making Benefits of the Hewlett-Packard L26500 Latex Printer

by Mary Mills on July 3, 2012

The new L36500 Latex Printer from Hewlett-Packard is changing the face of sign making for every SIGNARAMA store that has one in its sign making toolbox.

The L26500 is a large format printer, which means it can print on wide materials, like rolls of paper, foam board, and even wall paper. It works by using latex ink (that’s what the “L” stands for), which is a big change from other large format printers which use solvent ink.

Solvent-based ink is unhealthy for a number of reasons: it puts harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into the air, which can create a problem for the production staff. It’s flammable and combustible, and is actually considered toxic waste. And for those customers who want green signs, it’s not an environmentally-friendly sign making process.

But the L26500 can do everything a solvent-based printer can do, but without the issues that come with it, because the latex ink does not contain any harmful pollutants or high levels of VOC.

So what are the benefits of using latex ink?

First, there is the sustainable angle, the green angle. More consumers are choosing green products and services whenever possible. That includes sign making. So not only is the L26500 producing environmentally-friendly signs, HP is participating in a send-it-back recycling program, and accepting every bit of waste this printer generates (empty ink cartridges, empty print heads, etc.). HP also offers a high-density polyethylene banner material that doesn’t use any PVC material in it, which means the banner can be recycled after your event. HP can also create a PVC-free wallpaper which is safe to use in a child’s room, or even in a school setting.

From a production capability side, the L26500 has a much-improved image quality compared to other printers on the market. The colors are brighter and more vivid, the images sharper. You won’t see the banding and striping common left behind by older color printers. The images produced on the L26500 are sharp and clear, and look great.

Latex ink dries instantly, which also means a shorter turnaround time. We can print out a poster or banner while the customer waits, and give it to them immediately.

For more information on finding a SIGNARAMA store near you, visit the SIGNARAMA website. And ask the store owner if they have the L26500 printer. (If not, you can order your signs and posters online too.)

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