Signarama Anderson Franchise Produces AnMed Health Breast Cancer Awareness Banners

by Alicia Peregory on June 12, 2014

Signarama Anderson and AnMed Health Medical Center turned a lot of heads last October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. AnMed Health is an acute care hospital in Anderson, South Carolina that wanted to promote breast cancer awareness month, so they turned to their local Signarama franchise for help. They wanted something large and noticeable, but wanted to “easily” remove it and re-use it year after year.

AnMed Health Pink Ribbon InstallationWe suggested a large contour-cut banner in the shape of the traditional pink breast cancer ribbon. We had originally thought about just a regular rectangular banner with the ribbon on it, but realized that it wouldn’t make a big enough splash.

So we created two 16′ wide x 24′ long banners with our standard 13 ounce vinyl material. We printed it exactly as you see it, on our wide format HP printer, and finished it using heat hems and grommets around the perimeter.

The next step was to install the vinyl banners as high as possible. We were able to install the first one on their main campus with our 56 foot bucket truck. However, on their north campus, we had a tree and drive-through awning to contend with, which meant we wouldn’t be able to get the banner as high as the client wanted. Rather than disappointing them, we rented a crane with a hanging basket, lifted our Signarama installers into place, and they were able to put up the banner to the height that was needed.

AnMed Health Pink Ribbon - North CampusThat all happened on September 27, and the banners stayed in place for the entire month of October, before coming down on November 1. They stayed in great condition, so we rolled them up and are storing them at the Signarama Anderson store. We’re planning on installing them again next year, and will use the same methods again to get the job done.

With a little creativity and lateral thinking, the Signarama Anderson team found some new ways to give the clients everything they wanted for their project. Banners don’t always have to be traditional rectangles. With a little imagination and know-how, we were able to literally turn our banners on their heads and come up with a whole new look.

For more information on vinyl banners, visit the Signarama website. You can also use the online store locator to find the Signarama store nearest you.

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