Signarama Bossier City’s Coolest Thing We’ve Ever Wrapped?

by Shelli Barentine on October 9, 2012

We’ve wrapped a lot of cars, trucks, and vans over the years at SIGNARAMA Bossier City. But this was the first time we’ve wrapped a bus. And I’m willing to bet that it was the first time any SIGNARAMA store owner has wrapped a bus that was going to be blown up.SIGNARAMA Bossier City Bus Wrap Olympus Has Fallen Movie

We actually just completed two bus wraps for a movie that was filmed here and will be coming out in theaters next year, called Olympus Has Fallen. It stars Gerald Butler and Dillon McDermott, and is about Secret Service agents in Washington D.C.

The promoters for this movie contacted the SIGNARAMA Bossier City, and we wrapped a city bus and a tour bus, in addition to doing graphics for park ranger vehicles.

After we wrapped the tour bus, they blew it up for the movie. Unfortunately, the bus did not explode correctly — there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write in my whole life — so they replaced the side with plwyood. We wrapped it again so they could blow it up better (there’s another one).

Normally we do vehicle wraps for companies that want to promote their business around town. SIGNARAMA Bossier City has wrapped cars for the Susan G. Komen foundation, fire trucks, and company cars in the past but this was a major first for us.Olympus Has Fallen movie poster

While vehicles are not normally blown up, wrapped signs are used to getting some pretty harsh treatment. It gets sunny and hot here in Louisiana, and we get some pretty major storms too. But I have to say, this is the first time we’ve ever wrapped any kind of vehicle that was going to be blown up.

So when you see the movie, keep an eye out for the exploding DC Tours bus. That was our handiwork (the wrap, not the explosion).

If you would like your own vehicle wrapped — cars, trucks, and even buses, visit the SIGNARAMA website for more information.

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