Signarama Can Create Wallpaper for High-Moisture Situations Like Bathrooms

by Casey Valiant on May 27, 2014

One of Signarama’s more creative projects is to create custom wallpaper for use in a home or retail outlet. Thanks to the wide-format digital printers found in most Signarama stores, we can make custom-made wallpaper to display exactly the image you want.

We were recently asked whether our wallpaper could work in a high-moisture area, like a bathroom. Since Signarama typically prints two different types of wallpaper, the answer is “yes, if. . . ”

Wall wrap - boutiqueWhen we started making custom wallpaper, we’d just print the design on a basic roll of white wallpaper with our digital printer. You’d spread on the wallpaper paste, line it up, and squeegee it into place.

(That is the kind of wallpaper you want for bathrooms.)

Eventually, we began using our wide format printers that most Signarama stores have, and started using a water-activated wallpaper. It only has to be soaked in water to activate the adhesive. When you wanted to remove it, you just wet the wallpaper down thoroughly with a large sponge or a spray bottle. The adhesive reactivates, and you can peel it off. This makes it ideal for retail environments, schools, as well asĀ  hospitals.

But it’s not the wallpaper to use in a bathroom.

Years ago, when I lived in Texas with five other guys, we had pink flowery wallpaper in the bathroom, and it held up fine (no, it’s not the wallpaper in the photo!). But while we thought it was held on with some kind of industrial adhesive used to build battleships, it was only held on with regular wallpaper paste. No amount of steam was going to peel that thing off.

But the other thing that helped is the bathroom was a little larger, and had good ventilation to remove any steam during showers. This is true of all bathrooms. If your bathroom is a little small, and/or doesn’t have good air flow, you’re going to have problems with the water-activated wallpaper.

Signarama can print any image you want to your wallpaper, but you’ll apply it using traditional paste methods, rather than just soaking it in water. It may be convenient, but you’ll have problems later on.

For more information on custom-made wallpaper or other digital print work, please visit the Signarama website. You can also use our online store locator to find the Signarama nearest you.

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