Signarama Fargo Provides Big Heads for ESPN Game Day

by Todd Fry on September 26, 2013

This past Saturday morning ESPN Game Day viewers saw Signarama in action, even if they didn’t realize it.

Signarama Fargo, ND - Big Head PrintingThanks to an outstanding past few seasons by North Dakota State University’s football team, the Bison, ESPN held the Saturday morning broadcast of Game Day in downtown Fargo, previewing all the college football matchups throughout the country and throughout the day. This was a one-time special event that’s gained a lot of attention for the city and the university, which is already riding high on its national exposure. Signarama Fargo was able to get in on the action, thanks to our relationship with the school’s athletic department.

In the past, Signarama Fargo has made several Big Heads — giant head cutouts used at football and basketball games — for the university. Fans wave them around in the stands and cheerleaders wave them around on the sidelines. We’ve made Big Heads of coaches and star athletes and they’re always well-received by the crowds.

Signarama Fargo, ND - Big Head - Teddy

A Big Head is made by printing a high-resolution photo of a famous person (or not famous; we’re not picky) onto some vinyl, laminate it to a sheet of Coroplast (corrugated plastic), and cut it out with an artist’s knife.

For the broadcast, we made a few Big Heads of notable North Dakotans, including President Teddy Roosevelt and baseball star Roger Maris, and people were waving them on the streets of Fargo as the cameras flew around. If you watch the video of the broadcast below, you’ll see Teddy a few times and catch a glimpse of Roger once in a while. You can also see a banner Signarama did for the university as well on the side of a building.

I was also downtown on Saturday morning to join the crowd. The whole thing was just absolutely amazing. It was a huge boom for the university and the entire city. There were even a couple of tweets from the host of the show, who said it was the best Game Day they’ve ever done.

ESPN Game Day CrowdNDSU Banner by Signarama at ESPN's Game Day

The people of Fargo were especially proud because we were picked for two reasons: Our Bison team have won the last two national Division I Championships for the Football Championship Series, and they upset Kansas State, a Big 8 Conference team in the Bowl Championship Series; the bowl games you see on TV. Furthermore, we have a very zealous fan base. The number of people who travel from Fargo to away games, like last year’s national championship game, is unprecedented for schools at this level.

Even though Signarama Fargo only played a very small part in this whole production, we’re very proud of our involvement. The Signarama staff is glad to support the university as well as the city, and the exciting things we’re all doing.

For more information on Big Heads, you can visit the Signarama website. You can also find a Signarama store nearest you by using our online store locator.


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