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by Alicia Peregory on November 13, 2014

Signarama wraps some unusual and unexpected vehicles around the world. Whether it’s ATVs, golf carts, horse trailers, or box trucks, we’ve wrapped a lot of motorized vehicles other than cars. One vehicle that catches a lot of people’s attention is when we wrap boats.

Boat Wrap Up CloseFor some people, their boat or houseboat is their pride and joy. So much so, they like to show it off with a splashy boat wrap graphic.

For Signarama Springfield in Missouri, most of their work ends up on Table Rock Lake in the Ozark Mountains. While not technically wraps, they still use vehicle wrap material to make the boat graphics. House boats are usually 80 – 90 feet long, so it takes a lot of vinyl to do a single boat wrap.

Many house boats have a large blank side where a mural would be perfect. These murals are an excellent way to personalize an already unique and interesting object. Of course, once one house boat has a mural, it’s not long before other house boat owners decide to follow suit. Signarama Springfield has put murals on at least 25 different house boats on Table Rock Lake. These kinds of vinyl graphics take a lot less time and effort than their wheeled counterparts — putting a graphic onto a house boat is typically only done on about 1/4 of the boat space.

The graphics the owners choose to put onto their house boats can vary greatly, depending on the owner. Some choose palm trees and an ocean scene, while others display the name of their house boat. One graphic that particularly stands out includes the aforementioned palm trees, with the name “Peggy’s Paradise” emblazoned boldly in the graphic, along with some parrots in the trees and one drunken parrot resting in a hammock following a night of debauchery.

Another owner decided to tweak that particular scheme: Instead of a parrot in the hammock, this owner decided to give a nod to his profession, pharmacy. He asked Signarama to print a pill resting in a hammock, with the name “Bill’s Chill” printed in the graphic.

It’s always interesting to hear the stories behind each boat wrap graphic and to find out exactly why the owners decided to personalize their boat with a particular image. Some owners name their boat after something personal like an old dog, an idea, or their profession.

Most owners have no idea what they want, and come to Signarama to create something that reflects their personality. The Signarama creative teams will even present a second option alongside the owner’s concept. In many instances, the owner chooses the Signarama option over their own.

For more information on boat wraps or other vehicle wraps, visit the Signarama website. You can also find the Signarama store nearest you with our online store locator.

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