Signarama St. Paul Installs Auto Dealer Vehicle Graphics

by Darrin Bergman on August 11, 2015

Recently, a big project Signarama St. Paul tackled involved working with a large auto dealership consortium in the area. This auto dealership group consists of several different dealerships around St. Paul, and is not limited to just one brand of vehicle.

In fact, the automotive group consists of two Toyota dealerships, a Nissan dealership, and a Honda dealership. These separate dealerships decided to come together to create one large marketing campaign to increase awareness and desire for a new car in the local St. Paul community.

Inver Grove delivery van - Signarama St PaulSince the dealers all share a common marketing strategy, and exist under the same umbrella, it was easy to come up with a plan to promote their cars. They all decided to promote the fact that all the dealerships buy used cars. The visual illustration was to show a large hand holding a bunch of fanned out dollar bills.

In order to take this marketing plan a step further, they brought the graphic to Signarama St. Paul and asked us to use it in vehicle wraps on the delivery vans they use to transport auto parts from dealership to dealership.

All told, the dealership group brought in five different delivery vehicles for Signarama St. Paul apply partial vehicle wraps.

In the customer’s best interest, we encouraged them to use a partial wrap, rather than a full wrap. This not only saved them money from purchasing a full wrap, but the graphic tends to last longer as it is not on the hood and fully exposed to the sun during the entire day.

More people see the sides and back of vehicle wraps, rather than looking straight down onto the hood. So the best value of a vehicle graphic would be to avoid the hood and the top of the car, and focus on the parts people see the most.

The dealership was happy, and now we see those delivery vans all around St. Paul, flashing their message and telling people about their used cars.

If you’d like more information on how to put vehicle graphics on your own car, please visit the Signarama website. You can also find your nearest Signarama store with our online store locator.

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