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by Alicia Peregory on May 11, 2015

Signarama is a business that helps local, small businesses grow their exposure and marketing opportunities with unique products. Each Signarama store is individually owned by members of the local community.

Signarama has locations throughout the country in both small and large towns and with each location being owned and operated privately; there is a lot of opportunity to give back to these local communities. Business owners of local Signarama shops have been known to donate free signage to local government agencies, community events, and churches.

Signarama’s charitable work has received praise on a national level with local shops also receiving positive feedback as well. Small businesses can make an impact by donating goods or services when they cannot afford to write checks. A pet store, for example, could easily donate products that are close to expiration or no longer in style to a local non-profit animal shelter.

Signarama supports small businesses by providing a charitable service to local communities, small business owners show their support for other businesses in the area.

In Lacey, WA a local Signarama offers a program called “Free Banner Program” where they donate a free banner to all civic organizations, sports teams, and non-profits that utilize corporate and business sponsorship. This helps small businesses promote their business and shows the sponsors the value of sponsoring these groups.

Signarama locations across the country continue to offer support to their local Habitat for Humanity chapters. Local operators continue to donate time and product to help Habitat increase their donations and recruit volunteers. These efforts have helped raise awareness and provide local chapters with material needed to market their chapters within local communities. These efforts increase volunteers, donations, and community involvement.

A small business can also engage their customers to be involved in charities that they donate to help further the cause.

Donating time or product to your local community is a great way to market your business while helping other small businesses increase their exposure. To learn more about Signarama and all that we are doing to help local communities, please visit our website at

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