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by Bob Chapa on November 4, 2014

Signarama Troy/Madison Heights gets to work on some pretty big projects. A lot of our success comes from our hard working sales staff and our networking connections, part of it comes from being in the metro Detroit area, and working with a lot of national headquarters and large companies around the region.

We recently got approval to work on providing the vehicle wraps for a very large semi truck fleet for a nationwide logistics company. We won the bid to produce the graphics for fleet of 800 semi trucks. Anyone who knows vehicle wraps knows that it’s a fairly involved project just for a single truck, so to do 800 of them is massive.

Vehicle Wrap for Water Step Truck in Louisville, KYWhen you wrap a trailer, you need to do both sides and the back for complete coverage. There can also be door decals as well, but that’s usually where it stops. If it’s a small box van, you might wrap the entire box, sides and back, to create a mural-effect. But a semi trailer is usually 53 feet long and is ribbed. That can get expensive, although not impossible.

For our project, we’re doing both sides and the rear of each trailer, as well as the front and both sides of the cab. But since their trucks are scattered around the country, we won’t be able to bring them all to our Signarama store. So instead, we’re printing and creating each vehicle wrap kit to ensure complete consistency, and shipping them to other Signarama stores throughout the country. The trucks will travel to the store, get fitted with their new wraps, and get back out on the road.

It’s only because we’re part of the vast Signarama family that we’re able to pull off a project this big. For other large projects, several Signarama stores can work together, since we all have similar equipment. We can send files to each other, create the signage in question, and even install it at different customer locations.

For more information on vehicle wraps and truck wraps, visit the Signarama website. You can also find the Signarama store nearest you with our online store locator.

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