Signarama’s VP of Operations Talks About Floor Graphics

by Mary Mills on September 10, 2013

Paul Granaroli, Signarama’s VP of Operations, was recently interviewed for this month’s issue of Signs Of The Times magazine about floor graphics, and how this is one facet of the sign making industry that is still in its relative infancy. The article, Franchised Floor Graphics, was a Q&A discussion with Paul about the state of the floor graphics business today.

According to Paul, the market for impactful floor graphics has doubled since 2012. With the continually-improving performance of digital printers, it’s no wonder. We’re seeing more and better looking floor graphics examples all the time from our Signarama franchisees, thanks to newer and more creative ideas. And because full-color photo quality graphics are now possible (and affordable), we’re seeing these floor graphics in a number of different applications, including even high school gymnasiums.

Cereal Box Floor GraphicsMany Signarama stores are creating floor graphics for companies and organizations that see a lot of foot traffic. Retail shops, grocery stores and malls are some of the biggest buyers of floor graphics, but they’re also being used in schools, churches, children’s play areas, and even medical offices.

Of course, floor graphics can be used just about anywhere — take a look at the floor the next time you watch a basketball game on TV. In the old days, things like team logos were painted onto the floorboards or were made with cut vinyl. These days, it’s a matter of printing to a vinyl material that gets stuck to the floor and peeled up when the tournament or the season is over.

Paul also discussed some of the different technologies that are making floor graphics more versatile. We now have better materials and adhesives. Plus, the use of non-skid surfaces makes it possible to use these floor graphics outside on concrete and asphalt.

Since all Signarama stores handle their own production and installation, there’s no need to outsource or find a separate installer. The same Signarama store you placed your order with can also handle the installation for you as well.

For more information on using Signarama floor graphics, just visit the website. You can also find the Signarama store nearest you with our online store locator.

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