Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign: Why Location Matters

by Mary Mills on January 30, 2014

When talking about business signs, it’s very true that size matters. Then again, so do a lot of other things. The most effective type of business signs are those that are the right size, with the right message – in the right font, the right color, and the best place possible . . . location really does matter.

Outdoor business signs form a very important link between a business and its customers. Get it right and your business will flourish. Get it wrong and you could, at best, be wasting your time and money. At worst, you may actually be doing your business harm. The specific purpose of the signs doesn’t really matter; whatever the purpose, the design and placement are vital links in the bigger picture of your marketing strategy.signarama signs

When you decide upon the location of your business sign, you must take into account the following factors:

• Size matters. You must make sure the size of your business sign is within the boundaries of local governmental guidelines. Don’t worry about size limitations, the chances are you’ll still have plenty of room to really get your message across to your customers. Well designed business signs can make your customer take notice.

• Business sign height. You need to ensure that your sign can be read from all angles and directions, and as far away as possible. If your sign is to be mounted to attract the attention of motorists and passersby it will need to be free from obstruction in the directions of the traffic. A good, clear view without trees, poles, buildings, or other obstructions in the way is needed. Do remember, too, that although signs which are to be viewed from a substantial distance may need to be high, motorists and pedestrians at street level will look out for business signs at a lower, eye level.

• Branding and design. Whatever the size or location of your business signs, it is extremely important that they portray the right message to your customers and prospective customers. The design of the sign is equally as important as the branding and designs used on your stationery products, business cards, letterhead, etc. It is a good idea to incorporate your business brand or logo onto all of your marketing materials including your business signs, which will ensure that your customers recognize the company, even if they don’t have the time to read the whole message.

It’s all about branding. Do be careful though, even the most well thought out and designed business signs won’t be noticed if they are in the wrong location. Make sure to use the best colors, fonts and size logo for the placement of your sign.

• Mounting. Wherever you decide to mount your business signs, it is extremely important they are mounted safely. The method of sign mounting can also add /detract from the effectiveness of your sign. Before you design your business signs you must take into consideration where and how they will be mounted to get the best results.

• Extreme conditions. Outdoor signs must be built to withstand the extremes. Bright sunlight can make your message fade. Outdoor business signs must be manufactured from durable materials to withstand wind and rain throughout the year.

Another important angle for you to remember when deciding upon the best location for your business signs is, surprisingly, other signs in the area. A business sign on your property will show your customers where they need to be. Directional signs are a good idea on street corners (with the relevant permissions, of course), but do beware of your competitors and their signs. A seasonal sale with 50 percent off is not going to look quite so attractive next to your competitor if they are offering 75 percent reductions! Everybody is trying to make the right impression and fight for a bigger piece of the pie . . . the best placement of your business sign could help to increase, or decrease, your share in the overall picture. You must also be sure that whichever designer / manufacturer / installer you choose has procured all of the necessary permits to erect your business signs.

In conclusion it’s safe to say that a well placed, well designed, well executed business sign can really help your business to succeed and provide one of the most cost effective methods of advertising to really get your business’ message across. It is well worth spending the extra time, money, and effort to create the right type of signs to help your business get noticed.

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