Store Showcase: Signarama Deerfield Beach, Florida

by Mary Mills on June 7, 2012

SIGNARAMA Deerfield Beach, Florida started its operations in August 2002, and the company is very proud to be coming up on their 10 year anniversary. In just three short years after purchasing their business, they were able to build sales by more than 10 fold. Store owner Susan Bogen attributes their success to the product range they offer, the level of service they provide to the community, the expertise they’ve been able to gain over time, and their willingness to get out and engage with their customers to understand what they are trying to accomplish through their signs.

Signarama Deerfield Beach, Florida

Signarama Deerfield Beach, Florida

“Over the years, we’ve probably done more business with construction development and real estate companies than with any other industry,” said Susan. “However, that still only represents 20% or less of the total business we do. The other 80% spans every industry across the board.”

Susan attributes their success in the construction industry partly because their little corner of Florida has been in growth mode, and there was a lot of work to be done with the companies either involved in construction and development, or the other companies that supported the construction industry — painters, roofers, electricians, etc.

“Even though there has been a decline in the construction industry, it didn’t hurt as much, because the largest bulk of our business has been in other industries,” said Susan. “When the construction industry slowed down, we just kept working for our other customers, and focused on providing them the service they needed.”

Susan is in partnership with her husband, Gary, both in business and in life. They split their responsibilities so she manages the sales and marketing, while Gary focuses primarily on operations, production, and handling the books.

“In the beginning, I was the sole marketer for the company,” said Susan. “I did all the outside marketing efforts, including cold calling, networking, visiting with our local chambers, and everything that goes along with it.”

Over time, Susan and Gary have hired more staff to manage the smaller projects, so she now oversees larger, more complex accounts while still managing the sales and marketing staff, and staying involved in their lead generation work.

Before starting in their SIGNARAMA business, Susan was a stay-at-home mom, and worked with Gary in the family’s business manufacturing women’s sweaters. Before that, she was in sales and marketing at a publishing company that focused on high technology products in the 80s and 90s. So all of her experiences have truly helped her make the SIGNARAMA Deerfield Beach store a success, even during a sluggish economy.

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