The Biggest Project Signarama Framingham Has Ever Done

by Jeff Newman on February 18, 2014

Signarama Framingham, a Hall of Fame Store since 2008, has seen a lot of growth since our inception in 2002. We pride ourselves in not just being a business in the community, but a part of it. At Signarama Framingham, we have made it a point to be a partner for other businesses in the community — from universities, retail businesses, hospitals, and even B2B businesses that don’t get a lot of recognition in the community.

However, the fact that we’re a small, local business does not mean we shy away from large or difficult projects – quite the contrary. It’s because we’re neighbors to other local businesses that we can take on projects both big and small for the other businesses within the community. Signarama Framingham welcomes a challenge of any size!

Signarama Framingham Pylon SignsRecently, the town of Framingham had reconstituted the town’s bylaws concerning signs. Due to this change, many of the pylon signs on the main thoroughfare, Route 9, were out of compliance with these new bylaws. A pylon sign is a multi-business freestanding sign. You might recognize them as shopping plaza signs. Luckily, we have become experts at deciphering local sign bylaws, how they work, what conforms and what does not.

A property management company was facing the expensive prospect of tearing down two 30′ pylon signs that were completely out of compliance, and would have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace the current signs. Through our research, we found a way to retrofit what was already in place, rather than replace it.

While it was still an expensive project — $100,000 in all — it cost only half of what it would have, if we had to take down the old signs and replace them.

We cut the signs down to 25 feet and refabricated all new cabinets, placed them between the existing poles, skirted the poles, and made it all work. Signarama Framingham’s creative solution paid off for the customer, and for us as well: we set the standard for this main thoroughfare’s signage. So far, Signarama Framingham has completed 10 signs over the past two years and we’ve been quite successful in the retrofitting.

For more information on the different sign products we have, please visit the Signarama website. You can also find your local Signarama store with our online store locator.

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Jeff Newman opened his Signarama Framingham franchise with his wife Deborah. They became a Hall of Fame franchisee in 2008, thanks to a dedication to providing their customers with outstanding customer service, and their determination to handle any difficult projects that came their way, even delving into municipality rules and ordinances.

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