The Coolest Guitar Wraps We’ve Ever Done

by Ian Wakefield on May 23, 2013

At SIGNARAMA McKinney, we’ve done guitar wraps for a variety of different musicians, incorporating a variety of different looks. There are any number of reasons to use guitar wraps for personalization. For one thing, it lets the guitarist easily identify his or her own instrument, but, getting especially creative with guitar wraps can also show off the musician’s other interests.

Heavy vinyl wraps give guitars the most professional look. From this medium, the specialists at SIGNARAMA can make anything from custom decals and stickers, or wraps that cover the entire guitar.  Over the years, our locations have done some interesting wrap work. One bass guitar of note was wrapped entirely in Burberry plaid, like the scarf. That one was shipped to Poland when it was finished.

Bass guitar with plaid pick guard and body guitar wrapWe’ve also done wraps in a diamond plate design, the American flag, and of course, since we’re SIGNARAMA McKinney, we’ve wrapped guitars in the Texas flag too.

We’ve also seen some cool printed drum heads from Maggie at SIGNARAMA Downtown in Louisville, and Casey at SIGNARAMA Evansville has wrapped some guitar pick guards as well.

Guitar wraps can be difficult, so it’s always best to have them done by a professional. The guitar’s curvy shape can be tough to wrap with the wrong material. You also need to take into account the pattern and whether the graphics will fall in exactly the right spot. (That’s why we like wrapping the entire guitar with a single piece, rather than using pieces.)

For more information on guitar wraps, visit the SIGNARAMA website. You can also use our online store locator to find the stores we’ve mentioned here, or the SIGNARAMA store nearest you.

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