The Hanging Business Sign

by Mary Mills on May 21, 2013

A common business sign seen in strip malls and long city streets is the hanging sign.  A hanging business sign lends a distinctive look, and can be finished off in a variety of ways: an antique look,  rustic finish, wood-carved finish, or even a sleek modern look.  With the range of options available, hanging business signs take full advantage of the different technologies and capabilities of a sign making professional.

Hardware is an important consideration for a hanging business sign.  It is dependent on the type of finish selected and fit with the overall look of the sign while staying in-keeping with the theme of the setting.  For example, a business owner could combine both the antique look and a filigreed decorative hanging bar for a classic, period look in a historic downtown area. Or they could go with a more modern look, using black hanging fasteners or even brushed steel. Before designing any business sign, however, it is important to check the guidelines for both the city and property management.  Some strip malls, for example, prefer hardware such as a hanging rectangle or hanging triangle under the roof overhang so there are no obvious fasteners showing.

Business SignA hanging business sign is most frequently mounted to the side of a building so that it cantilevers out from the face, or it can be mounted to the underside of a the roof overhang.   It is important to make sure that a hanging business sign is adequately fastened with strong fasteners, as well as securely attached to the side of the building or the overhang. This will keep the sign from getting damaged, should it be knocked or have to withstand bad weather.  If a business owner is not comfortable installing the sign themselves, it is definitely in their best interest to ask the sign manufacturer to install it. Since sign makers also do installations, this will not be difficult. In fact, in some situations, having a professional do the installation may be a requirement.

Finally, remember that a hanging business sign is a place indicator, a notice to passers-by that this is where the business is located. It is the X that marks the spot for the traveler, letting him or her know they have arrived at their destination. It is not the place to give an address, phone number, website, or any other information.

So do not clutter up a hanging business sign with extraneous information. The name of the business and the logo will be plenty of information. Anything else on the hanging business sign will detract from its impact and make it harder to read from a long distance.


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