Tis the Season for In-Store Promotions!

by Alicia Peregory on November 23, 2015

November is underway and now is the time to start planning your marketing strategies for the upcoming holiday season. Throughout the month of November, retail stores will begin seeing an influx of shoppers looking for both lavish gifts for loved ones and last minute gifts for party hosts and co-workers. Great signage located within your retail business can guide customers toward the purchase they are hoping to make.

Promotional Signage

During the holiday season shoppers will be stopping by unfamiliar stores looking for unique gifts for friends and loved ones. New print options make it easy make use of every inch of your space in new and exciting ways. Floor decals, blank walls, windows, and even display cases can attract customers toward products or promotions.

Using complementary signage to prompt customers to add on purchases. A store selling wine could encourage customers to purchase cheese or wine glasses alongside a bottle of wine. Properly placed signage and products will encourage customers to buy more than they planned without feeling pressure.

Think Digitally

Ask your customers for their email address to encourage them to receive special discounts all year round. Businesses that send engaging email to their customers create brand loyalty. You can use email marketing to promote new products, limited release products, or special discounts. Customers who subscribe to your email marketing list are more likely to follow you on social media as well. Keep your online channels busy with engaging content such as product review videos, behind the scenes pictures, and more.

Digital signage can promote your social media pages, email marketing newsletter, or other marketing materials. Interactive touchscreens can provide customers with detailed information about a particular product using audio as well. Digital signage increases customer engagement by forcing the customer to research the product, touch it, and become familiar with it. Studies have shown that customers who interact with a product while shopping are more likely to purchase that product.

We hope that your holiday season is full of eager shoppers looking to purchase your unique products. Consider updating your in-store signage and marketing strategy to prepare your business for the upcoming shopping season.

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