Top 5 Types of Affordable Business Signs all Businesses Should Have

by Alicia Peregory on April 11, 2015

The purpose of advertising and marketing is to promote your business to new and potential clients. The use of strategically placed signage is an affordable and effective way to market any business. A great sign stands out in its environment, letting all who pass by know why they are there and what they are promoting. There are many landmarks around the world that started out as simple signs. These landmarks include the famous Hollywood sign in Southern California, the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign in Nevada, or Route 66 road signs that can be found throughout the Southwest. These legendary signs were designed to provide simple but effective messaging to the public but instead they have become iconic.

Of course, not all business signs will become world famous landmarks, but it doesn’t hurt to consider the impact these signs have had when creating your own business signs. Here are five of the most effective and affordable business signs that every business should have:

The Sidewalk Sign – Witty Messaging Goes a Very Long Way

A creative sidewalk sign will attract more than just a new patron into your business – it could go viral. When Joe Dough’s Sandwich Shop in NYC received a negative Yelp review for their meatball sandwich, they had a witty response – turn it into a sign. As NYC pedestrians passed the restaurant they saw a message stating “Come In & Try The Worst Meatball Sandwich On Guy on Yelp Had In His Life!”  Photos were taken, it was shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and eventually sparked a discussion about Yelp reviews – all because someone got witty with their signage. A good sidewalk sign can attract new patrons through funny messaging or with beautiful design. If your business is in an area that receives high foot traffic, a sidewalk sign is a must have.

sidewalk sign

Window Decals – A Place for Valuable Information

Window decals are often used to promote the business name or branding or provide important information. These decals are affordable and easy to use and require no clean up. Window decals can come in solid colors or opaque to limit the visibility from both the interior and exterior of your business.

Car Magnets – Marketing on the Go

As a business owner, you might feel that your advertising efforts are limited to only static options such as storefront windows. Car magnets are a great way to continue marketing your business as your go about your everyday life. Even if your business doesn’t need a vehicle for deliveries or house calls, it still makes sense to promote yourself through this affordable avenue. Car magnets do not damage a vehicle and can be removed if desired and then easily returned when needed. As you travel throughout your local area, your magnet will be noticed by those who pass by. There are potential customers at every corner – let them know who you are.

Car Wraps – Say It Louder

Vehicle Wrap on a Smart car 01If you’re ready to take the next step when it comes to mobile marketing a car wrap is the way to go. A car wrap is as large as your car and can be as detailed and fun as your imagination allows. A car wrap turns your business into a rolling billboard, bringing your branding and messaging to the streets in a clear and effective way. Whether you’re wrapping your delivery vans, freight trucks  or your everyday car, a vehicle wrap sends a bold message about your business and your dedication to its success. A typical billboard would normally cost a business a large fee for design, a rental fee, and is only seen by those who pass by. A car wrap can last years and can be seen by so many more potential customers.

Banners – Stand Out from the Crowd

A bold and creative banner will always stand out from the rest. It pays to go bigger and bolder with your design instead of keeping your signage simple and predictable. An attractive and colorful sign is an effective way to promote new products, make business announcements, or provide an important message to your customers.

Each of these five options are affordable and require very little effort. Signarama can deliver these types of signs quickly and at a price point that will not break the bank. For more information about Signarama visit our website at

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