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by Casey Valiant on September 18, 2012

When it comes to political campaigns, SIGNARAMA can do more than just make political yard signs. We can be your one stop shop for any kind of political advertising and/or signage you may need.

SIGNARAMA can work with you up front to develop your brand straight from the beginning. You’ll have an entire team of people you can work with face-to-face without having to go through the hassle or added expense of hiring an advertising agency.Political Yard Signs

Additionally, when you work with SIGNARAMA, your campaign materials will all have a consistant look to them; you won’t have to consult several different graphic artists and specialists to create your advertising materials. The same message and look will come through all the different types of materials and mediums that you choose to use in order to get your political messages across.

If you want buttons to have the same colors and message as the 4 foot by 8 foot sign on the highway and the rally signs people hold up at different events, you can do that with SIGNARAMA.

Our staff will take into consideration all the different events you plan on attending during your tour and will tailor campaign materials for each event as well as showcasing the brand you have created.

Other materials we can create include hats for a fun run/race you’re sponsoring or t-shirts for a bowling tournament; the same consistent brand/message will be used in all of those materials. Colors, size, and motto will all be the same in each of the campaign materials that you choose to use.

This will greatly benefit your campaign by saving you a ton of time! You or your staff can either spend time chasing down different suppliers — one for buttons, one for t-shirts, one for hats, and one for rally signs — in addition to all the time spent actually designing those elements. Or you can just give the master files to your local SIGNARAMA store and allow our experienced team of graphic designers to put it all together for you.

Additionally, we often have clients who need to order items at the last minute, needing additional products or additional quantities. We can get those out quickly since it’s just a matter of making a quick phone call and asking us to create the materials with a rush. We’re able to get it done for you right away, using the same files you’ve already given us for your original materials.

For more information on political signs and yard signs, check out the SIGNARAMA website. And you can use our store locator to find the SIGNARAMA Evansville store, or the SIGNARAMA store near you.

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