How to Use Wall Murals to Establish the Right Atmosphere for Your Business

by Alicia Peregory on December 27, 2016

Use Wall Murals to Establish the Right Atmosphere for Your Business

The atmosphere of a business impacts customers in subtle ways. At restaurants, coffee shops or retail stores, the environment sets the tone for how customers feel about the business and the length of time they choose to linger there. Wall murals can set the stage for the feelings you want to evoke in your customers every time they visit. Warm and inviting, hip and exciting, or clean and fresh? Wall murals allow you to customize your space easily, utilizing a mixture of colors, textures, and images to convey the right message and transform the environment.

According to ResearchGate, a social networking site for scientists and researchers, various international studies have shown that atmospheric variables like visual displays, layouts, and lighting have positive influences on customers’ potential purchasing. In a report from the Planetary Scientific Research Center, it has even been concluded that the atmosphere of a place may be more influential on customers’ purchasing decisions than the product(s) itself. This gives business owners a lot to think about and should remind them to pay attention to some of the details they may have previously overlooked. Today’s consumers are smart shoppers and if you want them to spend their hard-earned money in your store or restaurant, you need to impress them with everything from décor to quality product(s) and service(s). Wendy Billings, in a study conducted at the Illinois Wesleyan University, explained that the influence of atmosphere is so powerful on customers’ purchasing decisions that there is even a branch of psychology, known as Environmental Psychology, that studies the phenomenon. Wall murals and décor, then, can play a key role in establishing the correct atmosphere for your business and subsequently increasing your sales.

The versatility of wall murals, wall coverings, and wall décor allows for complete flexibility and can also be used to solve architectural challenges such as arches and columns in the middle of your business’s space. Since wall décor is completely customizable, it can be used to cover and bring to life an otherwise barren wall or imperfect surface, providing advertising power even in a business’s waiting area, hallway or previously hidden corner.

Alternatively, large scale murals can span the length of an entire wall or even an entire store depending on the desired effect. Perhaps your vision is to have a city skyline stretch the expanse of your dining area or maybe your company’s logo in a larger-than-life version to really make your lobby pop. Wall murals can make the difference between an ordinary, uninviting space, and a high-impact branded environment that positively influences customers’ purchase decisions. And again, the possibilities are endless so don’t be afraid to let your imagination go wild.

In study after study, environmental factors in a retail environment have proven to be particularly influential on new customers so every aspect of the décor for your business space needs to be a priority. According to one study by the Association for Consumer Research, new customers rely more heavily on visual and tangible cues provided by the store atmosphere when deciding both whether to buy and whether to return to the store. Wall murals and décor can provide just the impact you need to draw in new business and turn new customers into returning ones, every business owner’s goal.

Let Signarama’s design experts help you design the perfect wall mural for your business; we know your customers will love it and your business will benefit from the added attention to the décor. Signarama – the way to grow your business.

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Faye Erbe January 5, 2017 at 12:50 am

I wonder if a wall mural could be portable enough to brighten a vacant property, such as looking like a living room…and then moved to another home as needed??

Signarama January 13, 2017 at 9:51 am

Absolutely! Custom-made wallpaper and wall graphics provide excellent opportunities for the real estate market. They can be a temporary solution and are easy to remove with no adhesive to clean up afterwards.

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