Using Custom-Made Wallpaper for In-Store Signs

by Casey Valiant on June 4, 2013

Custom-made wallpaper may not be the first thing you think of when you think of SIGNARAMA, but it is one of the custom signage options that we do very well. Many of our clients — not just SIGNARAMA Evansville’s, but all the SIGNARAMA stores around the world — have found success using custom-made wallpaper for in store signage.

One SIGNARAMA Evansville client, a new clothing store called Tully’s in the Evansville mall, has had great success with SIGNARAMA’s custom-made wallpaper. To show off the different clothes they are promoting for the season, Tully’s puts up special, new, custom-made wallpaper every quarter. The pieces are made using high-resolution photographs. We create the custom-made wallpaper in-house and then our SIGNARAMA Evansville employees install the wallpaper after hours. The store gets a fresh look with no downtime during store hours. It is a great way to update and keep a fresh perspective on new merchandise.

Special Olympics Wall MuralThe ambiance created with custom-made wallpaper is really just one element of a successful branding project — it is important that every element within the store speaks the store’s message and reinforces brand strategies.

Apple is one of the companies that shows brand image so well. It is simple and clean, a look that has become synonymous with Apple. In their case, less is more. Every aspect of their branding — stores, signage, boxes, electronic design — is based on this image. Each brand is different and it is vitally important that your company has their brand strategy in mind when you look to update signage or even create custom-made wallpaper.

In a store that leans towards the more edgy side of retail, having full color, custom-made wallpaper would be the right look because it fits their brand. Every single sign within the store should carry the brand’s look — even the restroom signs. Brand strategy is all encompassing, so no detail should be left unnoticed. Ultimately, without all of that store signage working in harmony, you’ll miss some important branding opportunities.

It comes down to mindfulness in design. Well-designed signage can make your brand stick in the minds of consumers, so having custom-made wallpaper that follows the branding look of the company will help put you into a league of your own.

For more information, contact your local SIGNARAMA to learn more about custom-made wallpaper and other unique business branding options that are available.

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