Using Dust Control Signs in the Desert

by Sheldon Rayman on July 23, 2015

If you don’t live in the desert, you’ve probably never heard of dust control signs. This is one of those unusual sign requirements you don’t see around the rest of the country.

Living in the desert can be an interesting experience – only summer clothes are needed year round, furnaces are unknown, and checking shoes prior to putting them on becomes a daily ritual.

However, living in the desert brings with it a unique set of challenges. Rain falls infrequently in the desert, which means that plant life must be hardy and drought-resistant. This also means that the lush lawns and grass are not as plentiful as they are in other areas of the United States. Dusty stretches of land rule in the desert, and dust is definitely not stable; winds pick it up during a blustery day and it becomes a river of raging mud during a torrential rain.

Additionally, every construction project kicks up a lot of dust. Therefore, every single construction project must have a dust control sign, and it must be in place at the construction site prior to starting construction. These wooden signs display information about the project such as the project name, the construction company’s name, the number of acres and the expiration of the permit.

Other relevant information on the dust control sign usually includes the local Dust Control Matters number, the county’s Department of Air Quality phone number, and a dust control permit number. This way, people can complain if there’s too much dust being kicked up around the construction site. Then, the contractor is required to come out and spray water on the site to keep the dust down.

Since these tidbits of information are all unique to the project, Signarama prints new dust control signs for each project. Additionally, Signarama prints these signs on an as needed basis throughout the year when new construction projects come up, whether it’s a brand new construction project or a building remodel.

A company may need several dust control signs throughout the year but they are not typically ordered until a day or two before the first shovel-full of dirt is dug up from the ground. These four feet wide by eight feet tall signs must be in place on day one, or the company can be hit with a $2,000 fine for the first day and every day after that the sign is not displayed.

If you’d like information on dust control signs for your construction site, please visit the Signarama website. You can also find your nearest Signarama store with our online store locator.

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