Using Wall Decals for Home Décor

by Casey Valiant on December 20, 2012

Wall decals have long been considered the go to decoration for children’s rooms, with their favorite athletes, cars, or even photos of themselves. But you don’t have to limit yourself to just one room of the house.

Many people have found that repositionable wall decals are a great way to create a unique home interior. Not only does it give people a great way to display images and ideas that are important to them, but due to their portability, the graphics can be taken down and stored or put in a different area, should the need arise.Wall Decal

(But before you go dreaming of wall decals of your favorite football team, it is important to note that only non-copyrighted images can be used; superheroes or pro sports teams cannot be blown up and made into decals.)

The wall decals can be great for people who like to change their décor often. For instance, let’s say your favorite aunt loves cats. She lives and breathes for her cats. For her birthday one year, you give her a few repositionable vinyl photos of her cats. Then, one day, she wakes up with an allergy to cats, and becomes a dog person instead. Since those wall decals can be easily taken down without destroying her wall, you can replace them with new photos of her new favorite dogs.

For anyone who wants to decorate for the holidays, consider using repositionable graphics as a way to create unique decorations. Put up cut-out pictures of your family building a snowman, ice skating, opening gifts, or other winter activities. Or for a birthday surprise, put up photos of a loved one doing something they can enjoy as a way to celebrate their “birthday month.” (Don’t we all do that?

And of course, we can’t talk about wall decals without mentioning the traditional photo of a child playing in their favorite sport. Maybe your son has a wicked curveball, or you’ve got a snapshot of your daughter scoring the winning goal. At SIGNARAMA Evansville, we can create a photo decal that you can place on your child’s wall as a memento of their big win.

Repositionable graphics are a great way to bring a spark to any room. They can be a temporary addition or even a longer-term decorating idea. For more information on wall decals, or to find your local SIGNARAMA store, visit our website.

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