Using Stand Up Sign Cut Outs for School Fundraisers

by Joel Hall on June 20, 2013

Stand up sign opportunities do not come around often, but we always enjoy creating them when the opportunity arises. We recently had the chance to create a stand up sign cut out for the Orchard School, a local private school. Each year, the school’s “Orchard In Bloom” fundraiser gets the entire community involved in a garden show and event that incorporates the Indianapolis Parks Department. Over the years, “Orchard In Bloom” has raised more than $100,000 for outdoor education programs for Indianapolis children.

stand up signsThis year, twelve different landscape companies put up displays at the event, each choosing a theme. The displays are up throughout the entire weekend, Friday through Sunday, and wine/cheese/high-end sandwiches and snacks are served to event goers as they stroll through the exhibits.

Accent Landscape, our client at SIGNARAMA Carmel, chose the 1940s as the inspiration for their display. They designed a walkway that had an Old Hollywood red carpet type of feel to it and asked us to create 1940s stand up sign cut outs for the walkway. We created between six and eight different stand up sign cut outs of people in dancing poses, as 1940s jazz music played in their exhibit.

SIGNARAMA Carmel also created the Old Hollywood-themed lettering, hand drawing an “OB” for the “Orchard In Bloom” orchestra in an old-style font to evoke the lettering of that decade. The “OB” letters were placed on the music stands in front of each orchestra player to help reinforce the theme

The owner of Accent Landscape had a general idea for his theme, and we helped give it shape and bring the stand up sign cut outs to life during our initial brainstorming meeting.

After we had a clear idea of what he wanted and what would incorporate well with his exhibit, we went to work finding pictures of dancers, musicians, and people from that era that we could use for the stand up sign cut outs. Since front-on, full-length pictures of people were few and far between, we ended up doing a lot of improvisation – drawing in and adding to the stand up sign cut outs to make them look more realistic.

When it was all done, Accent Landscape was very happy with our efforts, and their stand up sign cut outs were certainly the belle of the ball that weekend.

If you would like stand up sign cut outs for your own events, or custom signs of any kind, visit the SIGNARAMA website. And to find the SIGNARAMA store nearest you, use our online store locator.

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School Fundraisers June 23, 2013 at 10:55 am

Very interesting seeing the benefits of using a stand up sign in corporation with school fundraisers. Might have to had this to our website!

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