Vehicle Wrap Design Questions

by Mike Northcutt on August 27, 2013

When discussing new vehicle wrap projects with customers, we always want to know the who, what, where, and how of the project. We’re like newspaper reporters that way. In order to help design the most impactful and best possible vehicle wrap, you’ll discuss these questions with the Signarama professional and they will help create your design based on the answers.

Who is the target audience for this message? Who are you trying to reach? If it’s for a residential contractor, then the target audience is home owners. If it’s for a restaurant, then the target audience is people who live and work within a 5 – 10 mile radius of the restaurant.

Car Wrap - Blue Moon VanWhat do you want the message to do? What do you want to portray? In some cases, such as a contractor, the main message is getting people to call when they see you. In other cases, such as a vehicle wrap for a beer brand or food product, it’s to build brand awareness, and have people remember your product later, when they’re at the store.

Where will the vehicle wrap be used? Let’s say someone wants to wrap a boat that will be displayed in a boat show for two weeks, then the wrap needs to be removed after the show. We have a non-permanent adhesive wrap that lets us easily remove it. The boat’s finish is left undamaged and unchanged. If the project calls for permanent installation that needs to last longer we use the regular adhesive that will last for a few years.

How are you going to use the vehicle? For example, is this a leased vehicle or a long-term purchase? If it’s a leased vehicle, it only needs to last for a specific amount of time.. We can remove the vehicle wrap just before the lease is up and the paint job will still be pristine. This way, the car’s owner can have the car look the way they want without spending $20,000 on a paint job, and another $20,000 to restore it to its original condition when the lease term is up.

All of these questions help us narrow down the materials we can use, and help you decide what you want to achieve, which can help you make some better decisions about your vehicle wrap.

For business owners, we’ll even ask to see your marketing materials, business cards, and website, so we can get a better understanding of how you market your company and come up with the ideal look for your vehicle wrap.

For more information on getting a vehicle wrap for your car, truck, van, or boat, visit the Signarama website. You can also use our online store locator to find the nearest Signarama store.

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Vehicle Wraps Irvine August 30, 2013 at 7:53 pm

You’re right on target, Mike. In order to get the correct wrap for each person, questions and more questions MUST be asked! How are you going to use the vehicle is one of the most important Qs you can ask.

Is it for personal or professional use? What about both? Being thorough is never a bad thing.

Keep up the good work at Signarama!

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