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by Alicia Peregory on October 2, 2014

When it comes to mass market advertising, vehicle wraps are one of the most effective tools available to business owners. Business owners face a competitive marketplace, and it isn’t easy to create customer awareness. Most business owners use a range of advertising tactics, including direct mail, email, signage, and more. To get noticed, you have to be unique. If you want your brand to be recognized, and if you want to be top of mind when your clients are ready to buy, it’s important that your business stays in front of your customers on a daily basis. This is where vehicle wraps come in. Vehicle wraps are the most effective form of advertising in the market today.Vehicle Wrap on a Smart car 02

You may be wondering, what exactly is a vehicle wrap? Vehicle wraps consist of a custom design idea created by a graphic designer, with guidance, input, and approval from the business owner. When the design is approved, it is then printed using a special, advanced printer onto a vinyl material, laminated, and finally installed or “wrapped” onto a vehicle using a specialized and very technical process. The wrap is applied directly to the vehicle, and the application is so precise that many people often mistake vehicle wraps for custom paint jobs! During the design process, the designer can work with you to consider what type of vehicle you’re driving, where the wrap should be placed, how much of the vehicle you want covered by the wrap design, whether windows should be included in the wrap design, and a host of other factors. The design that’s created for your vehicle wrap will be customized to your vehicle and your company’s brand.

So how effective are vehicle wraps? One car wrap can get between 30,000 and 70,000 views per day . Car wraps have a low CPI, or cost-per-impression, compared to many other forms of advertising methods. This is in part because vehicle wraps tend to be difficult to ignore. Your potential customers can’t simply shut off the message on a vehicle, like they can on a TV or radio. And vehicle wraps are often also hard to ignore because they’re just so different. In a sea of cars with normal paint jobs, a highly stylized vehicle wrap will stand out among the crowd.

Another positive benefit of vehicle wraps is that they’re not only affordable for large brands – nearly any size business can afford some type of vehicle wrap. This is in part because vehicle wraps are highly customizable. The vehicle wrap can cover just portions of your car, or it can cover the entire vehicle from bumper to bumper. In fact, many small- and medium-sized business owners use vehicle wraps as a core advertising strategy. This is because they can create custom design solutions that are in line with their company brand, but at a significantly less cost than other mass media advertising.

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, vehicle wraps reach up to 95 percent of Americans . While this fact may seem hard to contemplate, think about it from a commuting perspective. No matter how you get to work every day – your own car, public transportation, riding your bike, or walking – you likely pass by other cars between home and your place of employment. People with heavy mileage and long commutes certainly pass a lot of vehicles every day, but even if you’re not on the road in a traditional sense, you’re still seeing cars pass by you every day! For a small business owner, those cars mean dollar signs because of the untapped advertising potential there.

An added benefit of vehicle wraps is that they’re changeable. If your company logo is updated, if you change your phone number, or anything else about your business changes, the vehicle wrap can be reprinted and re-installed as an overlay. Or if you decide to change the existing vehicle wrap entirely, the wrap can be removed and installed again. And, vehicle wraps aren’t just limited to cars or standard commuter vehicles. Everything from delivery vehicles to food trucks or other large trucks can be wrapped with ease. So, if you’re a business owner who wants to purchase vehicle wraps for the vehicle you drive to work every day, along with your company’s delivery vehicle, this can definitely be accomplished! You can work with your local vehicle wrap expert to have a custom design created for each vehicle, with no limitations on what can be accomplished.

Vehicle wraps are colorful, attention-getting, and unique. Photos, logos, and company information can all be included on vehicle wraps, so the possibilities are endless and the impact that vehicle wraps can have on your business is astounding.

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