Want to Stand Out at Your Next Event? Choose your Signs & Finishes Wisely

by Signarama on November 10, 2017

Want to Stand Out at Your Next Event? Choose your Signs & Finishes Wisely  

Putting your business out there and increasing sale opportunities is an essential part of your business that would be unwise to ignore. You want to keep your best foot forward always, so not only do you want to stand out at your next event, but you want to make a great first impression. Consider these tips we have gathered for standing out with the best event signage at your next event, whether it’s your own event or you’re a vendor at competitive tradeshow, here are some tips for what to look for when buying special event signs and tradeshow displays.

If you’re organizing the event, your goal is to make guests feel at home and to encourage them to stay as long as possible, all the while communicating your brand.


  1. Utilize Unused Space
  • Empty walls – Get the most from your venue by eliminating empty spaces. If you have an empty wall, consider making a selfie-station where guests are invited to take and post selfies in front of images of your brand or products. You can also make a map, or even a timeline of your business’ history. These empty wall spaces can also be offered to top sponsors for such displays within your store.


  • Create guiding barriers or directional signs – A great way of helping guests get around and alleviating traffic build-up is by using creative and helpful barriers or directional signs. If you’ll be using the space long-term, consider barrier options that can make the most of a large open space and create avenues for organizing products into separate sections. If you’re using a temporary space, it could be challenging to set up signs without leaving any sort of damage. Consider using temporary directional signs with Velcro on the back or using A-frame signs; this is a great way of directing guests without leaving permanent marks on walls, doors and windows. If you are the event organizer, you may also want to think about allowing one of the businesses attending the event to sponsor these event displays and including their logo on them in return.


  1. Furniture
  • Lounging areas – Make room for guests to make themselves comfortable and feel at home. You’ve invested a lot into your event, make it easy for guests to spend time and stay. An easy way of doing this is renting chairs or couches. You can even include branding with things such as toss pillows or throws with your logo. Use a custom floor decal as an “area rug” for a fun touch.


  • Tabletops – Again, you want guests to feel at home in your space. Providing guests with tabletops to rest things on, to jot down notes, or even eat will definitely be appreciated. Make it easy for your guests to have a memorable experience and to feel at home.


  1. Entertainment
  • Food – If your budget allows, including small bites, appetizers or snacks is a great way of communicating that you care about your guests. If you’ve invested in tabletops, including small bites is a great way of improving your event’s participation. Remember branding can be extended to tabletops with custom decals applied to tabletops; these are durable and still allow for tables to be wiped down.


  • Music – If your goal is make guests feel welcome and comfortable, playing background music can accomplish that all the while establishing a mood for your event. Playing upbeat, lively music is a great way to encourage guests to move around. Playing jazz or classical music is a great way to calm guests or to add a sophisticated take on your event.


If you’re setting up as a visitor or vendor at a venue with competing businesses such as a tradeshow, your goal is to stand out and be as welcoming as possible so that everyone who walks away from your booth or table, remembers you.


  1. Visibility
  • Use bright colors and bold fonts – Creating event displays or a tradeshow booth that is bright and attention-grabbing is the first step. You want to make sure that your brand is properly presented, as well as welcoming to the eye. Font and color choices say a lot about the personality of your business. You want your display to be unique but familiar, direct, yet not pushy.


  • Location – Be sure to place your stand and event signage in places where you’ll be seen easily, no matter how many other vendors are there. If you have a choice in selecting your spot on the floor, ask for a map ahead of time and plan according to the location of entrances, food vendors, restrooms, special stages, or any high traffic area. Consider places with the most foot traffic, such as near entrances or close to lounges and food spots. And plan your event display accordingly.


  1. Quality materials
  • Outdoor – The materials you use for your event signage communicates a lot about your priorities and the quality of your business. If holding an outdoor event, consider waterproof or water-resistant materials for your signage and kiosks, as well wind-resistant. You would be devastated if your signage and displays were destroyed by rain or wind. Communicate your professionalism by taking all of these factors into consideration. Remember the glare, this can make the difference between great and blinding event signage.


  • Indoor – First, cheap materials for event signage don’t impress. Though indoors, the need to pick quality materials is still important. You will be under bright lights and may need to consider elements such as bustling air conditioning and portability. You also need materials that won’t snap when packing up.

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