We’ve Got Spirit, Do You? Promotional Signage with the Most Impact

by Alicia Peregory on February 15, 2016

Promoting your business is essential to growing your brand. You may have the latest, greatest signage for your business, but dynamic promotional signage can grow your brand, from advertising time sensitive specials, to launching new services and products. Attract new clients and grow your customer base with signage that packs a promotional punch. Here are a few sign ideas to boost your brand’s spirit and rally sales.

Yard Signs

Market your brand with cost effective yard or site signs that advertise your location, introductory rates or a special price promotion. From construction contractors, banks, real estate agencies to political campaigns and more, sign specialists, like Signarama can design your signs with full color graphics and photographic images that will get your brand noticed.

Sidewalk Signs  

Sidewalk signs pack a powerful punch for restaurants, nightclubs and retail boutiques in high foot traffic areas, offering easily updated sidewalk signs in a variety of styles and design options. From vibrant full color graphics to customized logo treatments and interchangeable sign inserts, sidewalk signs are high quality, affordable solutons.

Banners, Flags and Pennants

promotional signage -bannersCustomized vinyl banners are the most popular, versatile and cost effective type of signage most sign companies offer. Signarama can help you realize your perfect banner with online customizable designs or original artwork you upload. Design your all-weather outdoor banner or indoor event banner online in minutes. Promotional vinyl banners function like a pep rally for your brand.

Consumers are drawn to celebrations, like sporting events, the opening of a new store, a new neighborhood fitness center, new healthcare facilities, cafes, new restaurants and many other events. Advertise a new product or offer a new service in a variety of size, color and material options with hanging banners and flags.

Raise awareness for your special events, like farmers’ markets, local fairs, and 10k fundraisers with flags and pennants advertising your event. Add flair to your tradeshow exhibit with banners that point attendees to your booth and increase your visual impact. Wave business your way and promote your brand with customized banners and flags.


Who can resist a Rock’em Sock’em robot careening about outside your business? Try out outdoor and indoor inflatables in a variety of sizes and shapes, from air dancers, to gorillas, to hot air balloons and larger than life product replicas that boost sales.  Visually impactful and exciting, inflatables lead a spirited campaign to attract customers to your business on a full time basis or for special sales events and promotions.

Most inflatables, available to purchase or as rentals are held in place by ropes and weights are powered by regular 110v wall plugs, but some are helium filled, designed to hover above an event or your tradeshow booth. Sporting events, entertainment venues and retail outlets, such as auto dealerships, garages and tire stores attract new customers with fun, strategically placed inflatable advertising.

Custom Window Decals and Graphics

Looking for a real eye-catching visual tool for your brand presence? Custom window decals in vibrant colors with outstanding graphic production printing techniques adhere to any glass surface and with easy on and easy off installation, can be installed in minutes.

Retail boutiques, restaurants, bars and any business with large glass windows can take advantage of customized window decals to attract new business and rev-up your customer base. With a 24-hour turnaround from start to finish, sign specialists like Signarama can deliver your custom decals right on time for a special event or sale.

Illuminated Signs

Shedding light on your business could be the boost your brand needs. From a vintage neon lighting look, to stylish and chic LED lightboxes, to a backlit sophisticated look for your custom channel lettering, illuminated signage draws consumers to your brand, indoors and outdoors.

LED message center signs, with easily updatable, multimedia functioning promote your brand’s cutting edge spirit. User-friendly software allows dynamic content and easy message control. Electronic signs can be as simple as digital message boards or be a   full on production with engaging videos and images.

Talk about engaging! Your business might be in the market for a virtual messenger, featuring innovative technology that mesmerizes customers with lifelike imagery and amazing content presentation. Your virtual messenger can be a presenter with a looping program or be interactive with touch screen options. Assist customers in any number of ways, with a hi-tech greeter, an information contact, a direction advisor, as sales support or in many other roles. Along with digital signage, another visually gripping tool making inroads in advertising and marketing is mobile advertising.

Vehicle Wraps and Magnetspromotional signage -vehicle wraps and graphics

With recent technological advancements in printing and large format printers, vehicle wraps are creating quite a visual sensation around town. Bold graphics with crisp, hi-res imagery take to the street to promote your brand.

For even more mobility, vehicle magnets can grow with your business, moving from vehicle to vehicle to maximize your sales potential. Your logo and message attracts interest wherever you go.

Lean into February; spring is right around the corner! Catch the spirit of inspiration for visually marketing your spring and summer promotions and sales. Contact Signarama for all of your sign design and ideas that are guaranteed to grow your brand in 2016.

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