What Type of Yard Sign Should I Get?

by Alicia Peregory on June 26, 2014

Choosing a yard sign (lawn sign, road sign, etc.) to promote your business, campaign, or sale is not a simple matter. There’s no one sign that works for everyone, no one answer where we shake our Magic 8-Ball and tell you what you need. There are actually a variety of factors that will go into choosing the right yard sign for your particular situation.

First, are there any regulations or ordinances that tell you what you can or cannot display? Some cities may not allow signs in the right-of-way, or allow signs of a certain size. Some homeowner associations may not allow them at all and others may restrict sizes.  Check with your local Signarama, local government, and/or HOA to see if there are any restrictions on your yard sign of choice.

Second, what is the traffic like? If it’s a lot of heavy traffic that’s moving quickly, you may need a large sign, like a 4′ x 8′, with a simple design for maximum visibility and readability. If you have light, slow traffic, you can get by with a standard yard sign. If you have mostly foot traffic, the standard sign will work nicely here too.

Coroplast Political Yard SignThird, how many signs do you need? If you only need a few, you can do a full-color print to a corrugated plastic substrate. But if you needed hundreds, or even thousands, you may want to go with a bag sign instead, to lower your per unit cost.

A lot of your design choices will be based on the traffic and visibility, so text and graphics choices need to be simple. Use only a small amount of text, and pick only one image. If you’re in a foot traffic area, or a residential neighborhood, you can use a more complex design, like a full-color photo, but this is still not the time to create a large brochure for a yard sign.

These are the most important factors to consider when picking the yard sign that’s right for you. Your best bet is to see what others in your immediate area are doing, and then copy them. You can also ask your Signarama professional for advice on what he or she thinks is best.

For more information on choosing a yard sign, please visit the Signarama website. You can also find your local Signarama store with our online store locator.

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